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The advantages and disadvantages of fireworks wave rose season experience of flower friends

2019-10-04 22:53 Source: flower-fans Author: DanJ

Many flower friends are starting withChinese roseBefore, I want to know its advantages and disadvantages. This article is a firework wave summarized by a flower friendChinese rosePros and cons, the maintenance environment is in the outdoor flower stand in the southwest of the mountain. The summer is long, about four months, and the highest temperature reaches 42℃. It is called the "small stove" in the north. It is extremely dry and cold in winter. The temperature is below zero for about four months.Five degrees to ten degrees below zero. The light is from 11:30 in the morning to about 6 in the afternoon.


As the flowers continue to open, the color of the flowers can be gradually rendered from bright goose yellow to crimson. The flower type changes very obviously with temperature. Spring and autumn are very individual radial flames. In midsummer, the outer petals are like lotus flowers in full bloom.The inner layer is in a broken flower state, which is easily rendered crimson in the hot sun. The entire flower is relatively large, even in the high temperature of summer, the flower size will not shrink, but because the flower is large and heavy, the branches are soft and easy to hanghead.


Because the single flower is larger and consumes more energy, it usually blooms in twos and threes, which is more suitable for single flower appreciation, and it is not easy to form a multi-flower group effect. The single flowering period is short, about three or four days in spring and autumn, and two in summerThree days. Every month opens.


The leaves are very shiny, as if they are coated with a layer of grease. Under sunlight, they will be bright and reflective! The host is fascinated by the shiny leaves. Don’t want to take a few photos of the leaves, please enjoy. Of course the shiny leaves meanThis rose has first-class disease resistance! It has good self-cleaning properties, and the petals will naturally fall off if it blooms. The flowers are large, the flower shape is strange and beautiful, and it is a wonderful flower with various colors and shapes.


Single flower has a short flowering period, is not small, and it is not easy to form a group blooming effect.

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