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How to raise Dendrobium butterfly

2019-09-24 10:05 Source: Network Author bath Valley of Flowers Flowers: not a cry of the fish

ButterflyDendrobiumLan is also called autumnDendrobium, it is an epiphytic herb of the orchid family Dendrobium. Many flower lovers have a special liking for Dendrobium butterfly. It is good for multiple flowers and easy to grow, but for novices, please check the experience of the predecessors for subsequent maintenanceWork has very important reference value!

1. Soil

I have used a lot of media,OrchidMedium, coconut husk, sphagnum, bark. Everyone has their own characteristics and should be used according to their own habits. I like stocking, thrown in a semi-open environment, and like watering. So I dare not use water moss.The current medium pumice stone + peanut shell + Emei fairy soil is used for semi-hydroponic culture. Coconut shell medium is directly planted coconut shell is cheaper than bark, has strong moisture retention but does not accumulate water.

2. Environment

Autumn dendrobium is better to raise than spring dendrobium. It likes enough light, but it should not be exposed to the sun. It is best to see light in the shade but not very strong. In fact, it is mainly to pay attention to timely shade in summer, and it can directly receive light in other seasons.. If the light is too strong, the leaves will be sunburned.

3, temperature

Foshan may be more suitable for its high temperature throughout the year. Because its favorite temperature is in the range of 25-35℃, it is considered a tropical plant, so it prefers to be in a high temperature environment. The winter is slower and not lowIt can survive the winter smoothly at around 10°C.

4, moisture

Dendrobium series all like water, but the roots cannot always have water. You need to keep it in a moist state. You feel that the material is wet, but you can't squeeze it hard. This state is the best. Think about the wild DendrobiumThey are all near the waterfall, so the humidity of the air must be high and spray water frequently. I installed a spray to solve this humidity problem, but because it is too humid and the terrace, it attracted a lot of uninvited guests snails. I used small seedlings at the end of last year.After experimenting with semi-hydroponic culture, I found that the roots of this kind of planting can form a small humid environment. I watered it less frequently, and there are fewer snails. Dendrobium is growing well. So I plan to change other seedlings to semi-hydroponics this year.

5. Fertilization

Autumn dendrobium likes fertilizer but is not tolerant to fertilizer. My lazy approach is to slow down the release of fertilizer. I used Aolu before, but I recently found that it is good to use. A pot of about 15 tablets, of course, alsoIt depends on how big your pot is, just put it on the surface of the pot and spray foliar fertilizer every week I use Melody General, Huaduoduo 2 instead of spraying

6, pests

Basically no pests, except the damn snail, I didn’t pay attention before, the environment was too damp, the snails were too comfortable, I found my Dendrobium, Isn’t it said that Dendrobium is a life-saving herb? Could it also supplement nutrition? Several pots of Dendrobium leaf foil were eaten up

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