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Description of Phalaenopsis compound flower process

2019-09-17 13:14 Source: flower-fans Author: Li Mu

Many flower friends think of butterfliesOrchidI will throw it away after thanking it. In fact, the phalaenopsis has a pretty good complex flower. Here we will briefly talk about the phalaenopsis complex flower process, so that flower lovers will have an idea of ​​the entire blooming season of the phalaenopsis.

Phalaenopsis has two flowering levels, one is in spring and the other is around June. Basically, the first blooming effect is the best, the second is weaker, so some florists will not let it twiceFlowering, here we mainly refer to the second year of blooming. When the butterfly orchid period is over, we can cut off the flowers and arrows, and then carefully maintain them. New flowers and arrows will be issued in the coming year. Let’s see how to maintain them.

The flowerpot for planting Phalaenopsis should be of a certain depth. For the Phalaenopsis to be equipped with a flowerpot, it is better to choose a slightly deeper pot according to the length of the root growth. The pot does not have to be large, but there isA pot with a certain depth can fully stretch the roots of the Phalaenopsis flower, and there is also a place for the roots to grow, which is convenient for absorbing nutrients.

Selection of planting material

The newly-purchased Phalaenopsis, after standing for two days to get used to its own environment, it is usually replaced with planting materials. Phalaenopsis is an epiphytic orchid, and the planting material can be breathable sphagnum moss. Generally more than one yearThe sphagnum moss has low nutritional value, so you can replace it at this time. Remove the old sphagnum moss and repair the residual roots of the Phalaenopsis. If possible, soak the Phalaenopsis with "carbendazim" in an aqueous solution.Sterilize it from the roots. Then, put a new sphagnum moss on the basin.

Phalaenopsis fertilization

In the beginning, I chose to fertilize the Phalaenopsis by adding a few drops of the Phalaenopsis special liquid fertilizer in the water every time I watered, but the effect was not obvious. Later, I simply gave up this special fertilizer and used it directly at home.otherFlowersThe "potassium dihydrogen phosphate" used as a nutrient fertilizer for the Phalaenopsis has an immediate effect. The increase of trace elements such as phosphorus and potassium makes the flowers and arrows drawn by the Phalaenopsis stronger and stronger, and the flowers bloom on the branches.The flowering period is long, and a flower arrow blooms for a few months, and it has become commonplace.

Phalaenopsis watering

The roots of Phalaenopsis orchids are strong. Excessive moisture is undoubtedly disastrous and can lead to rotten roots. Generally, two points can be controlled by watering. When the Phalaenopsis planting sphagnum moss dries out, insert the bottom of the sphagnum moss by hand.When it's dry, you can water it; if you are not sure, you can pinch the leaves of the Phalaenopsis with your hands. At this time, it must feel soft, then start watering decisively. Add a little "Dihydrogen Phosphate"Potassium" fertilizer is placed in water, and then, either by soaking the pot or repeatedly watering the sphagnum moss in the Phalaenopsis pot until all the sphagnum moss has eaten enough water. Usually, you can spray water on the leaves of the Phalaenopsis.Especially in the hot summer. Of course, in midsummer, attention should be paid to proper shading and ventilation of Phalaenopsis. Generally speaking, Phalaenopsis is hardly commonPests and diseases. However, it is not ruled out in the case of poor ventilationPests and diseasesThis happens in the summer, especially pay attention to.

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