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The breeding method of windmill jasmine

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Before talking about the breeding method of windmill jasmine, you need to tell the flower friends first, the windmill jasmine in this article is the same as what we said in the weekJasmineIt is not the same thing. The pinwheel jasmine in the article is an evergreen woody vine of the genus Trachelospermum in the Apocynaceae family.

I saw many florists of the Apocynaceae family wondering whether this plant is poisonous. Indeed, the whole plant of Pinwheel Jasmine is poisonous, so we can’t eat any part of Pinwheel Jasmine, except of course the fragrance of flowers.It will be poisoned, of course, don’t be okay to stay for a long time to smell the scent of flowers, you will have a headache if you smell the scent of flowers for a long time.

Let’s talk about the breeding method of windmill jasmine. Windmill jasmine farming is less difficult and has a firm skin. It can live on soil, water and sunlight. Generally, light clay and sandy loam with medium fertility are suitable, and both acid soil and alkaline soil can grow.However, the soil must not accumulate water, it is more resistant to drought, and potted plants should not be overwatered, just keep the soil moist.

It is said that the windmill jasmine is resistant to cold and heat, but it cannot be used in the open air in the northeast. Generally speaking, the windmill jasmine can withstand a low temperature of -10℃. Of course, if the ground is planted and the tree is old enough, it may be able to withstand even lower temperatures.

Although the windmill jasmine can grow in a shaded place, if you want to bloom in a large amount, you still need to give plenty of sunlight.

The main flowering period of windmill jasmine is from April to June, and there will be a small amount of bloom in autumn. After the early summer flowers bloom, take a rest. June-November is the climbing period. If the soil is good, fat and sunny, the vines will grow.Soon, it can grow more than 1 meter in a month during the climbing period. If it is a potted plant, the pot must be bigger. The pot is large and rich. The diameter and height of the pot are recommended to be more than 30cm.

The windmill jasmine needs to be shaded for a few days and then given enough light. After planting, water thoroughly. Put it in a cool place for 2-3 days. Then it is recommended to put it on the balcony and avoid the noon exposure position, about 3-5 days laterIt can be exposed to the open air. Especially in summer, if it is not a good one, go to the sun. If it is a ground plant, it is recommended to find something to cover for a few days after planting it above 25 degrees in summer.

Windmill JasmineReproductionYou can use the layering method or the cutting method. In the rainy season, the tender stems of windmill jasmine are very easy to grow aerial roots. Using this feature, the tender stems are continuously layered and cut from the middle in autumn to obtain a large number of seedlings..Cutting: In the rainy season, cut the tender stems with aerial roots, insert them into plain soil, and place them in a semi-shaded place. The survival rate is high, but the survival rate of old stems is low.

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