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Mandala cultivation technology

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Datura has strong adaptability, likes warm, humid, sunny environment, afraid of waterlogging, not very strict on soil requirements, general soil can be planted, but it is better to use rich humus and calcareous soil. Seeds are easy to germinate and germinateThe suitable temperature is about 15℃, the germination rate is about 40%, and it takes about 60 days from emergence to flowering. After the frost, the ground part withers. When the temperature is lower than 2℃, the whole plant will die. The annual growth period is about 200 days.

Cultivation method:

1. Land selection: Choose sunny, fertile, and well-drained land for land preparation, plow 30 cm before winter, apply 2,000 kg of manure or soil mixed fertilizer per acre in combination with plowing, raking and leveling, and plowing after spring.Next, smash the clods and rake them into a flat border of 1.5 meters wide.

2.ReproductionMethod: Use seedsReproduction. In the first ten days of April, open 3 cm deep holes on the border according to the row spacing of 60 cm × 50 cm, and sow the seeds, 5-6 seeds per hole, cover 1 cm of soil, slightly press and moisturize. Use per muThe planting amount is about 1 kg. If the seedlings are raised and transplanted, it is better to transplant and plant in late May.

Field management:

1 Intertillage and weeding: 2-3 times of intertillage and weeding during the growing period of soil cultivation, hoe the topsoil, and cultivate soil at the base of the stem to prevent the stem from falling down.

2 Thinning: the seedlings are fixed in early June, the seedlings are 8-10 cm high, and the weak seedlings are thinned out, leaving 2 plants in each hole, and setting seedlings when the height is about 15 cm, leaving four plants in each hole.

3 Top dressing: After setting seedlings, apply 2,000 kg circle fertilizer per acre, open a hole next to the plant or use 10 kg of urea to water the people. For vigorous growth, it may be appropriate to use human and animal manure or superphosphate topdressing.

Pests and diseasesPrevention and treatment

1 Use 40% dimethoate emulsion 2000 times to control aphids.

2 Solanaceae is harmful to leaves and is prone to occur in summer. Control method: spray with 90% trichlorfon original medicine 800 times solution; avoid crop rotation with Solanaceae crops.

3 Black spot disease damages the leaves. Control methods: ①Clean the garden after harvest and burn the sclerotium diseased leaves; ②Spray 50% Tuejunte 1000 times solution or 65% wettability Zinc 500 before and at the beginning of the disease.Double liquid, once a week, 3-4 times in a row.

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