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How about the variety of Tanic rose, is it fragrant?

2019-09-28 22:11 Source: flower-fans Author: Li Linghui

A flower friend asked TanickChinese roseHow is the variety, is it fragrant? The fragrance may be TanickChinese roseThe only shortcoming, Tanick is one of the classic white cut roses, commonly known as "White Rose" in China, which is good everywhere, but there is no fragrance.

Tanik petals have 50+ petals, the flowers are very large, average 10cm in size, the center is a light warm color, the more they open, the whiter, and then roll outwards, soft.

Tanik rose is heat-resistant and sun-resistant, and has good disease resistance. The leaves are green and the flowers are very frequent. They bloom throughout the year and the amount of flowers is very large. Moreover, temperature changes have little effect on the quality of the flowers. They are also relatively cold-resistant.It can bloom smoothly in summer at 40℃+ and in winter with snowy climate, and it is very frequent.

If you want to plant a white rose, Tanick rose is highly recommended. It is not only a cut rose, but also has the same level of outdoor planting performance as a garden rose.

Is the rose Tanic a vine or a shrub

Tannick is a hybrid tea rose, which is a shrub rose in form.

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