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What are the symptoms of rose dormancy in summer?

2019-10-03 11:50 Source: flower-fans Author: Wang smiled

Most flower friends know itChinese roseDormant in winter, don’t you knowChinese roseSummer will also enter dormant or semi-dormant state, so what are the symptoms of rose dormancy in summer? The main manifestations are yellow leaves, flower seedlings growth stagnation, and no sprouting for a long time. Roses can be broken during summer dormancy. Generally speaking, the focus is on shadeCool down.

1. If there are no young leaves and buds growing, first remove all the leaves.

2. After finishing the cut before processing, re-trim 0.5cm below the cut to stimulate healing and germination.

3. Place the pruned flower seedlings in a cool place with astigmatism, such as tree shades, corners, and pour enough water, be sure to pour thoroughly!

Several shading methods to let the rose in the house receive scattered light.

1. Use shading nets or straw mats to cover the rose in a semi-shady state, so that the ground will be shaded, and the temperature can be reduced.

2. You can put a large flowerpot outside the rose flowerpot, add some pumice, ceramsite, etc. between the bottom of the big flowerpot and the gap between the two flowerpots.Can also play a role in cooling down.

3. Watering and fertilization in the hot weather in summer, the rose gradually enters the dormant period. However, the rose is still blooming in summer, so fertilization is also needed, but the amount of fertilization is less than that in spring and autumn.

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