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The advantages and disadvantages of mint parfait rose

2019-10-04 22:46 Source: flower-fans Author: DanJ

Some flower friends want to know about mint parfaitChinese roseThe advantages and disadvantages, in addition to some official information, the experience of the flower friends is more meaningful, the following is the flower friends' mint parfaitChinese roseSummary of some advantages and disadvantages, mint parfait flower color is multi-color, main color is rose red with white stripes, "mini Monet". In spring, it can show wonderful ice cream color, red and white, centerOr it may be light yellow, beautiful and fresh.


The flowering is very good, the high temperature around 40℃ still maintains the standard flower type. A single flower can easily bloom for a week in spring and autumn. Blooming every month! The floridity is very good, and the seedlings can bloom. This is the size of two months.At the beginning, it has been full of flowers see the picture below; the young seedlings have thin and soft stems. After several months of cultivation, strong shoots or foot shoots will grow.In seven months, the flower size has easily reached 6-7cm, which is definitely the big flower in Weiyue; the single flower has a long flowering period of about a week; the summer high temperature of 40 ℃, the flower volume does not decrease, the color becomes more red and the flower shapeStill the standard; there is a faint rose fragrance. Combining all the advantages, this is the top three in the heart of the original poster!


The stems of the seedlings are thin and soft. When the bamboo shoots come out, the stems will grow thicker and stronger.

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