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How to keep fresh cut leaves

2013-05-11 07:52 Source: http: //www.flower-fans.com Author: Wang Fei

Plant leaves are divided into leaves, petioles and stipules. Generally speaking, the growth period of leaves is limited, and they grow quickly in a short period of time, but when they reach a certain shape and size, the growth stops. Cut the leaves wellTo preserve freshness, we must first understand a few basic concepts.

Sink source effect. Leaf is a warehouse for plants to store various nutrients. It is also a place where plants need to synthesize various elements through photosynthesis. Excessive or insufficient nutrients stored in leaves will affect plant growth and the leaves themselves.

Photosynthesis is a process in which plants absorb sunlight energy, use carbon dioxide and water, synthesize organic substances and release oxygen. The sugar, starch, fat, protein, etc. produced by synthesis are organic substances necessary for plant growth and development. Leaves inThe stored basic nutrients need to absorb sunlight energy to synthesize them into essential nutrients for plant growth and development.

Transpiration is a process in which water is emitted from plants to the atmosphere in a gaseous form. It is one of the powers for plants to absorb water and is also conducive to the transportation of minerals and other elements in plants; this process can also regulate leaf temperature.

Respiratory stomata are the passage for leaves to exchange gas and transpiration with the outside world, as well as the entrance for fertilization and pesticide spraying outside the roots. The starch accumulated by chloroplast photosynthesis is transformed into solubleGrapesIn sugar, the cell osmotic pressure increases and the stomata open; when photosynthesis is not carried out, the soluble sugar is synthesized into starch, the cell osmotic pressure decreases, and the stomata shrink and close.

Foliar cutting commonly used by florists is basically to stop growing mature leaves and store various nutrients. The nutrients stored in the leaves are for plant growth, but the nutrients stored in the leaves can only be consumed by themselves after cutting.Cutting leaves to keep fresh does not need to increase nutrients. Too much nutrients will accelerate leaf senescence.

In addition, the basic nutrients stored in the leaves need to absorb sunlight energy to synthesize the nutrients necessary for plant growth and development. That is to say, if the sunlight energy is not absorbed, the internal movement of the cut leaves will be less, and the conversion of basic nutrients will be slow.Cut leaves should be kept away from light; the next step is to lower the temperature and use the breathing stomata and transpiration to adjust the temperature of the leaves to shrink and close the stomata to achieve the purpose of water retention; at the same time, spray the fresh-keeping liquid containing fungicides and ethylene inhibitors to replenish water, Sterilization, ethylene inhibition, repairing foliar mechanical damage and other multiple functions.

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