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What should be paid attention to in water insertion propagation?

2012-05-23 05:53 Source: http: //www.flower-fans.com Author: Night

Some tender branches or semi-mature branches of flowers and trees can be carried out by water insertion methodReproduction. This method is simple and has a higher survival rate, suitable for ordinary familiesGrowing flowersFor those who use it. When inserting water, choose the one suitable for rooting in waterFlowerssuch as glass Cui, Four Seasons Begonia,Gardenia, Gloxinia, Oleander, Fig,Chinese rose, variegated leaf wood, Guangdong Evergreen, fuchsia, pomegranate and some other cuttings that are easy to rootFlowersSpecies. In addition, there are also herbal flowers, such as a bunch of red, leaf grass, stone lotus, duck's toe grass, syringae, watercress green, etc., also can have water insertion methodReproduction.

The specific method of water insertion method is: directly insert the holding ear into a bottle or insert the cutting ear on a wooden block with holes to make it float on the water. After inserting, pay attention to frequent water changes or put in a few small pieces of charcoal for preservation. When the new roots grow to 2 cm ~ 3 cm long, they should be potted in time.

Pay attention to the following points for water plugging:

1 Water planting should be carried out in the season when the temperature is not too high. In North China and other places, water planting after early and mid-September has a higher survival rate. Because of the high temperature and inadequate water change, the water is easy to deteriorate., Causing the cutting cut to rot.

2 The cut must be flattened with a clean sharp knife, otherwise the cut will be perishable.

3 It is best to choose a dark-colored glass bottle and place it in a dark place. Under such conditions, the incision will easily form white healing tissue, which is beneficial to the hair roots, and there is a little light behind the hair roots.

4 After rooting the tender root length is 2 cm ~ 3 cm, it will be potted in time, otherwise the root length will be weak and tender when exposed to the water for too long, and it will be easily damaged when potted, which will affect survival.

5 In the early stage of potting, keep the pot soil moist, and pay attention to proper shade and no fertilization.

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