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How to choose bridal bouquet bouquet for application and selection of wedding flowers

2013-05-11 08:00 Source: http: //www.flower-fans.com Author: Wang Fei

The wedding is the most important day in everyone's life. Guests will pay great attention to the bride and her wedding dress. Bouquets that match the bridal dresses often become the focus of attention. Therefore, choose the right bouquet to createThe best results are necessary.

When choosing bridal bouquets, you should pay attention to the following factors: the color and style of the dress, the bride's hairstyle, the bride's body shape, and the overall atmosphere of the wedding. Only when the dress, bouquet, and overall atmosphere are commensurate, will it be given to those attending the weddingGuests leave a good impression.

Color of bouquet

If the wedding is "Western-style", the bride wears a white wedding dress, and the color of the bouquet can choose plain colors such as white or light. Any color of cattleya can be used in the bouquet. If the wedding is "Chinese-style""The color of the bouquet can be brighter and brighter. In other words, the color of the bouquet should be in harmony with the atmosphere of the entire wedding ceremony.

Selection of flowers

Choose the one with pure image and fragrant smellFlowersFor better, to set off the bride's elegant and charming temperament. The main flower materials of the bridal bouquet can be obtained fromOrchidChoose among lilies, roses, and seasonal flowers to determine the theme flower.

After determining the theme flowers, add some small flowers, such as gypsophila, lover's grass, freesia, daisy, delphinium, carnation, alstroemeria, etc. White carnations and gypsophila are often used becauseThey are easy to hold and have a long shelf life. It should be noted that too many gypsophila may disturb the beauty of other flowers. Popular matching leaves are: ivy, kidney fern, Brazil wood leaf, asparagus bamboo, Chunyu, etc.

The matching of bouquet and dress

There are 5 main application forms of bridal bouquets: round: a more traditional form that is often used; waterfall: a more popular form of bouquet; triangle: a form that is full of changes;Crescent shape: This is a beautiful design suitable for tall brides to hold; S type: It is suitable for more traditional wedding dresses. Simply put, there are two kinds of matching of bouquet and dress, when the dress is A-shaped or straight.When shape, the form of the bouquet is waterfall or curvilinear; if the style of the dress is puffy sleeves, tight waist, and large skirt, the shape of the bouquet should be round. Of course, pay attention to the length of the skirtThe size ratio to the bouquet should be appropriate.

How to hold the bouquet

Use 2 or 3 fingers to hold the handle of the back holder of the bouquet, and put your little finger on top of the handle. Holding the bouquet in this way will make the bouquet look slightly upward, so that the center point of view of the bouquet will face the publicSight.

Other flowers used at the wedding

In addition to bridal bouquets, other types of flowers are often used in weddings. For example, the flowers used by bridesmaids and girls in jacquard baskets. The bouquets held by the bridesmaids should match their dresses. The flower baskets held by the little girlsPut flowers or petals in full bloom and lead the bride and groom in front. The little girl walking in the back for the bride's skirt should be similar to the bride, holding a bouquet in her hand and wearing a small wreath on her head.

Small knowledge about flowers

Types of flower materials: Various types of flower materials can be basically divided into four categories. Remember their forms and characteristics. You can help you when designing a bouquet:

Tufted flower material: a whole flower composed of many petals, such as roses, carnations, dahlias, chrysanthemums, etc. They can be used in many forms of bouquets, and are often placed in prominent positions;

Line-shaped flower material: It has a long flower stem and the flowers are arranged in a line, such as gladiolus or violet, suitable for use in bouquets that show beautiful lines.

Filling flowers: For example, gypsophila, small chrysanthemum, limonium, etc. are all filling flowers. These flowers are often used to fill the entire bouquet and make the entire bouquet look softer.

Special flowers: flowers have special shapes, such as lilies, orchids, irises, etc., are often used as theme flowers in bouquets, and are placed at the focal point.

Flower material processing points: Cut flower stems in water and place them in water for at least 1 hour, more than 3 hours will be better;

Drip washing spirit in the water can extend the life of the flower;

If the flower does not open as you imagined, cut its stems short, put it in water, and place it in a warm place for 5-6 hours; when arranging flowers, spread the newspaper on the table, spray some water, and thenPut the flowers on it;

Wrap the end of the flower stem with moist cotton or tissue paper to extend the flowering period.

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