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The essentials of bouquet arrangement

2013-05-11 08:06 Source: http: //www.flower-fans.com Author: Wang Fei

Bouquets are widely used in social and celebration activities, usually divided into the following two types:

1 Ceremonial bouquet

Mainly used for welcoming and celebrating activities. Its main shapes are fan-shaped, triangle, cone, hemispherical and free-style graphics, etc. The flowers should be of high quality, non-irritating, non-polluting, and floweringA long-lasting variety. Bright and bright colors are appropriate. When planting, you should avoid arranging the flower branches into flat pieces or gathering them into groups during the day. The former is dull and the latter is messy. No matter what the shape, keep the upper part of the bouquet natural, especially the lower part.The grip part must be round and tight to meet the requirements. Therefore, when inserting, be sure to make each flower branch overlap in the hand in the way of "pressing the left with the right", and the branches intersect at one point, turning from right to left.The helical shafts are then tied with ropes. In this way, the bouquet shape is not easy to be out of shape.

2 Bridal bouquet

Also called bridal bouquet. It is a bouquet specially designed for brides to wear wedding dresses when they get married. It is very popular. The main shapes are round, inverted L-shaped, radial, inverted, and various free-style graphics.At present, there are only two types of circular and inverted shapes in China. The selection of flower materials is more delicate and commonly usedChinese rose, lily, calla lily, carnation, Xia grass, etc. The color matching is mostly coordinated and elegant single color or similar colors.

The shape and color of the bride's flower worship and the packaging ribbons should be coordinated with the bride's body shape, face shape, temperament, and clothing. For example, a slender bride should choose a round bouquet; those with a shorter body should chooseUpside down bouquets; dignified and quiet brides should choose round or upside down bouquets; extroverted and lively brides should choose free-style bouquets. The color of the flower should be coordinated with the wedding dress. Contrasting colors should not be used. Ribbons should be matched.The main suit is harmonious.

It is very important to add wrapping paper and ribbons to bouquets, just as good flowers must be supported by green leaves. Foreign countries are exquisitely made for this, mostly printed transparent wrapping paper or covered with transparent plastic bags.

There are two ways to fix the flowers of the bouquet: one is to tie them with fine iron wires. Each flower and each lining leaf is wrapped with a fine iron wire wrapped with green tape before modeling. The other is to use specialTorus, with flower mud inside, insert the flower shape into the torus, this method is relatively simple and convenient.

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