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Care of fresh cut flowers of cattleya

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Cattleya is also the tropical orchid we often say. Some flower friends like to buy fresh cut cattleya flowers and make flower arrangements by themselves. I hope to learn about the maintenance methods of cut cattleya flowers and extend the flowering period as much as possible. Let’s talk about it belowHow to maintain cattleya.

1/Cleaning the vase

After buying the cattleya, we clean the vase first, and then put in about 10 cm of water. Some flower friends may wonder whether the water will be too little or the water level should not be too high. High is no good, lowThat's good.

2/Treatment of fresh cut flowers of cattleya

Prepare the vase, we start to process the cattleya, we use clean scissors to cut off the withered flowers, if there is a fresh-keeping tube at the bottom of the branch, also remove it, and cut the root at 45° at the bottom of the flower stem.

3/Start flower arrangement

Then you can put the fresh cut cattleya flowers in the vase. No flowers should be left below the water level. Generally, the branches are about 3-5 cm in the water. It is enough. If the water level is too high, you can pour some out.


Insert the cattleya, we try to put the cattleya in a cool place to enjoy, avoid direct sunlight, this can extend the flowering period, the lower the temperature, the longer the flowering period, the water in the bottle does not need to be changed every day, generally 3Just change the water once a day, it's changing the water

If the length of the cattleya branches allows, you can trim the bottom of the branches again, which will also help to extend the flowering period.


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