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2013-05-11 07:51 Source: http: //www.flower-fans.com Author: Wang Fei

Moon shape insertion method

●The moon shape must be made out of the basic shape with materials that are easy to bend. Materials that are too straight and difficult to bend are not suitable.

●The moon-shaped focal flower should be placed at the corner of the moon and lowered.

●For beginners, use the same color for styling, such as pink, yellow, white, etc. It is better to handle, reminiscent of pink moon, yellow moon, white moon.

●Filling flowers can be used to soften the hard lines and make the moon shape more complete.

Flowers: Brazilian wood, row grass, bear grass, champagne rose, string container: green tall container

①The back of the Brazilian Konoha is passed through the thin iron wire and then worn into a half moon shape.

②Insert champagne roses at the moon-shaped corner.

③Tie the wire rope with iron wire and insert it on the flower mud.

④After the rows of grass are drooping and inserted, bear grass will float down from the champagne rose.

Moon-shaped flower arrangement made of silver bud willow, sunflower, pink lily, champagne rose, aster, stone pine and other flowers and golden tall containers

Linear interpolation

The upright shape is mainly straight and straight, and it is better to use the line flower material. The upright flower arrangement container should not be large, and the container should preferably be upright.

Flowers: silver bud willow, flag leaf, gerbera, aster, stone pine

Container: silver tall container

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