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How to keep flowers for a long time

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After receiving the flowers, many flower friends don’t know how to keep the flowers for a long time. This article tells them some common maintenance methods, and also tells them some small points of daily maintenance, so as to avoid wrong maintenance.

Generally speaking, flowers are mostly kept in utensils like beer, preservatives, etc., but there are some maintenance points that need attention from flower lovers, for example, flowers should be placed in an environment above 5°C.It’s not that the lower the better, of course, it’s not the higher the higher. The proper low temperature can keep the flowers longer.

The other is that flowers are not suitable for direct water spraying. Many florists will spray water on the flowers in order to make the flowers fresher. In fact, this is wrong. It needs to be inserted into the vase. Just keep fresh water in the bottle.Yes, if it is checked on the flower mud, just pour the water directly on the flower mud.

The other thing is that the flowers should not be blown against the air conditioner, and should not be placed near the heater, or in a vent with relatively large natural wind.

The above are the main points of daily maintenance of flowers, let's take a look:

Method 1: Beer

Adding a little beer to the vase with the flowers will prolong the freshness of the flowers. Because beer contains ethanol, it can disinfect the cuts of the flower branches, and it also contains sugar and other nutrients, which can provide nutrients for the branches and leaves.

Method 2: Carbonated soda + water

Take Sprite as an example. Mix Sprite and clear water in a ratio of 1:4, pour it into a vase, and finally insert beautiful flowers! Generally speaking, flowers grown with clear water will gradually grow in a weekWithered, and the clear water became turbid, but with the method of adding clear water to Sprite, the flowers are still beautiful and dripping after a week!

The principle of Sprite soaking flowers: The carbonic acid contained in Sprite can kill bacteria, and high syrup can be used as nourishment.

Method 3: Fresh-keeping agent for flowers

Fresh-keeping agent for fresh flowers: Add appropriate amount of chemical agent to the flower arrangement solution, and use the agent to inhibit flowering branches, which can extend the fresh-keeping time.

How to make fresh flowers by yourself

1. Take a little detergent, dissolve it in warm water, make a solution with a concentration of 2%-4%, and immerse the diagonally cut flower branches into the water about 5cm to extend the life of the flowers by more than 2-3 times.

2. Using 1/3,000th aspirin aqueous solution to make a simple preservative, it can also extend the flowering period by 7 to 10 days.

Method 4: Salt water + sugar

After the flowers are plucked, the original sugar cannot meet the needs of blooming.

Therefore, adding a small amount of sugar in the water can promote the opening of buds and prolong the freshness of flowers.

The main function of adding salt to clear water: to prevent the growth of bacteria in the water, to a certain extent through the salt waterFlowersDifferent cell fluid concentration, keep itFlowersThe ability to absorb water to maintain the freshness of flowers.

But the salt water concentration should not be too high, generally not more than 5%, otherwise it will cause cell dehydration. The salt water can also be replaced with white vinegar.

Method 5: Use multiple methods together

Actually, the preservation of flowers is affected by many factors, for example, the preservation temperature of flowers is generally 5°;

In addition, the location of flowers should be kept away from direct sunlight in summer, and away from wind vents in winter;

Before inserting the vase, soak the flower branches in hot water for a while, which is good for water absorption, sterilization and antiseptic. Generally, it is blanched in 80 degrees water for about 30 seconds.

In addition, increasing the incision area can increase her ability to absorb water.

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