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Several common forms of family flower arrangement

2012-03-27 12:49 Source: http: //www.flower-fans.com Author: beautiful

One, vase of flowersIt is a flower arrangement with a bottle as a flower arrangement vessel.

Small or moderate caliber, mostly used for flower arrangement of herbal flowers. No need to fix, just follow the principle of "one branch and two branches, three branches and four branches oblique", and then insert the supporting flowers to complete.

Large-caliber vases are more suitable for inserting woody flowers, or rely on the bottle mouths to cross each other or make a "T" shape to fix. But one thing, you should choose curved and tangible, patchy flowers, and match with some matching flowers.This way it looks good.

Two, potted flowersRound-shaped basins are sold in general flower shops. They are usually fixed with Jianshan. There are three common forms: semicircular, asymmetric, and natural.

1. Semicircle type: used for flowers with smaller flowers, such as carnation, maidenhair, etc. However, less than a dozen flowers are enough. When inserting, the flower shape is semicircular. Flower spacingTo be equal.

2. Asymmetrical type: used for larger flowers, such asChinese rose, chrysanthemums, tulips, etc.. There are six or seven flowers. Pay attention to the ups and downs and rhythms when styling. It reflects the natural beauty of asymmetrical type.

3, natural type: used for flowers with curved branches. For example, plum, peony, bamboo crabapple, etc. Take one or two blooming branches. Then take some supporting flowers not too much.

三、BonsaiFlower arrangementIt is a combination of Chinese bonsai art and flower arranging art. A closer look has a lot of charm of bonsai. Most of the woody flowers are the main body, and the herbal flowers are auxiliary. The water basin is preferably round and rectangular.

One side is the main body, one side is the auxiliary. The main body is higher than the auxiliary, and there is a larger space in the middle. The typical bonsai style. It is not an exaggeration to say that the bonsai is reproduced in the flower arrangement art?

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