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Basic style of western flower arrangement

2012-03-27 12:54 Source: http: //www.flower-fans.com Author: flower bath person

The crescent shape is also called the "meniscus" shape. It is a shape conceived from the shape of the natural phenomenon "meniscus". Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the flow of the lines when forming. The crescent shape can change with the flower materialHowever, it has a strong curvaceous beauty and great ornamental value. The flower should not be too high, and the wide mouth is the most suitable. It is very suitable for mirrors or discs with a round back, and is widely used.

S-shape This is the shape produced from the spiral change, which is the same as the English letter "S" shape, so it is called S-shape. It is also called "Hogarth" line, which is similar to the British Hogarth painter because of the spiralThe inspiration of the line is related to the use of S-curve for painting. S-shaped flower arrangements use curved flowers. The flower is suitable for high bottles; if it is placed on the table, you can use a wide-mouthed flat basin, which is visually required.In terms of a tall bottle with a narrow waist, the effect is better. If the end of the "S" is continuous, it will form a double circle, or similar to the "8" shape, but the upper half circle must be larger than the lower half circle.

Vertical vertical flower arrangement, expressing the beauty of vertical lines, the shape of the flower arrangement is upright, narrow and long, and the posture stretched upward, which has a majestic symbolic meaning.

Flowers with small sockets or simple and slender ones are most suitable. Because of their slender shape, they cannot be viewed from all sides, so they are only suitable for placing in narrow places, such as roof corners, column sides or window sills.

Horizontal type Since flowers are used for ceremonial decorations, horizontal flower arrangements are very common. Horizontal lines are arranged in two types, flat and three-dimensional. The closer to the central part, they are naturally high, and the horizontal line formed by flattening can only be placed in the cornerLocation. It is a three-dimensional horizontal type, which can be viewed on both sides. In addition, it has the characteristics of short and long flower arrangements, which can be viewed on all sides. It is often widely used in coffee tables, dining tables, conference tables, rostrums, etc. In addition to long water flowersBesides pots, tall vases, and small flower baskets, any flower arrangement is suitable. Pay attention to the smooth curvature of the flower surface, which is a big secret for inserting horizontal flowers.

L-shaped L-shaped insertion method is a linear structure, because the structure is clear and easy to grasp, it is often used as one of the entry-level flower types for flower arranging. It can also be inserted into a reverse L-shaped. It is a single-sided flower type. It is common in Europe.Above the fireplace, it looks very luxurious and stylish. The flowerware is simple. However, it is easier to achieve a harmonious effect with modern flowerware. It is not suitable for the bottle mouth to be too narrow or too wide.

The inverted T-shape adds a horizontal line to the left of the L, that is, the inverted T-shape. Western Europe is also known as the rococo type. It is said to be inspired by the fountains in courtyards and street squares, and it expresses the upward splashing waterThe beautiful lines and droplets all around, pay attention to symmetry, pay attention to focus and beauty when inserting.

Triangular type of flower arrangement is the most common basic method of Western flower arrangement. Flower arrangements can be inserted into equilateral triangles, isosceles triangles and unequal triangles, and the application range is quite wide. As for modeling, use symmetrical triangles or asymmetrical triangles, It must be coordinated with the surrounding environment. When making, first insert the flowers at the upright vertices and the leaves inserted into the sockets horizontally to form an equilateral, isosceles or unequal triangle frame, with auxiliary branches and filling flowers to complete the composition.

The semi-spherical shape is used to form the shape in the hemispherical design. The main point of the flower arrangement is to match the colors. Pay attention to the harmony and not adjacent to the same color. The surface of the flower type should be smooth and not uneven. The flower pot should be low and flat, which highlights the hemisphere.Shows fullness.

The oval shape of this flower arrangement can be regarded as one of the representatives of European style. The oval insert method adopts the group insert method, which has low requirements for structure and contrast. Instead, it emphasizes natural beauty, emphasizes the atmosphere and has a sense of mystery. This type is classicalIt is most suitable for vases and containers. But you must pay attention to maintaining the sense of stability of the work. Oval flower arrangements are suitable for church decoration, altars, funerals or ceremonies and other occasions with large spaces.

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