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Can Phalaenopsis be grown with coconut bran

2019-09-15 17:48 Source: flower-fans Author: Li Mu

Coconut chaff is a very cheap plant material. Some florists asked if Phalaenopsis can be grown with coconut chaff. It can be used for sure, but it is difficult to manage because coconut chaff does not have any nutrients, andVery absorbent.

A florist tried to grow Phalaenopsis with coconut chaff, and found that Phalaenopsis with coconut chaff grows very thin. I don't know why. The moisturizing effect is not as good as sphagnum moss, but the water absorption is stronger than sphagnum moss, which is easy to rot and difficult to manage.Watering is not easy to pour thoroughly. At present, there should be few people who use it. I just got into the pit and didn't understand it. I wanted to save some money, but I found it was not easy to use.

But it doesn’t mean that coconut bran is absolutely unusable, but pure coconut bran can’t be used. You can mix more perlite deer marsh soil in the coconut bran. Sometimes you will sprinkle some granular compound fertilizer in the pot, and sometimes you water it.Pour thoroughly, and sometimes spray some thin liquid fertilizer. This can increase water permeability and supplement the shortcomings of no fertilizer effect.

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