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What's wrong with the yellow leaves of Phalaenopsis in winter it becomes soft and wilted

2020-01-07 03:37 Source: flower-fans Author: Wang smiled

Phalaenopsis as a festivalFlowers, major in winterFlowersThe market is considered a best-selling category, but some florists have found that the leaves of the Phalaenopsis bought home are beginning to soften and become wilted, so I want to ask why the leaves of Phalaenopsis are yellow in winter. Phalaenopsis is different from other plants. It hasWe need to pay attention to two major characteristics, one is that the Phalaenopsis is an uncompromising tropical plant. The other is that the Phalaenopsis is an epiphytic orchid.

When talking about the specific reasons, let’s first talk about the ins and outs of the Phalaenopsis. If it is a Phalaenopsis bought at the flower market in winter, this type of Phalaenopsis is a greenhouse flower. Simply put, it grows in a greenhouse.In conjunction with the urging of flowers, it can reach the peak flowering period and start to sell during the festival. When we buy home, the environment has undergone tremendous changes. Phalaenopsis needs time to adapt, and this adaptation process is not 100% successful. This mainly depends on the maintenance of the environment.Whether temperature and humidity can meet its growth needs.

If the temperature at home is not high and the leaves of the Phalaenopsis appear yellow and soft, it is basically hopeless to save. If it can be saved, there will be no problems for tropical plants to grow in the north.

If the temperature at home is good and it can be kept above 20℃, when the Phalaenopsis leaves appear in condition, we should cut off the flower arrows, and then check whether the root system has a large area of ​​rot. If there is a lot of rot, we can change the sphagnum moss.Then change the seedlings again. In the following related articles, there are articles about the replacement of the Phalaenopsis and the daily maintenance of the soil, so I won't describe it here.

For Phalaenopsis, most people grow it as a one-time flower, buy it when it is about to bloom, and throw it away after the flower fades. In fact, Phalaenopsis can be grown for many years, but because it is a tropical plant, it isSome areas are out of the greenhouse, and the condition is not very good, and some like to split leaves, mainly because the air humidity is low.

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