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How to water carnivorous plants

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The frequency of watering insectivorous plants is mainly related to the airtightness of the environment, temperature, pot size, plant size, water supply method and other factors. Regular watering is not suitable for the growth of plants. We should supply water according to the needs of plants., "Regularly check water supply on demand" is more reasonable. Insectivorous plants are wet-loving and dry-loving. Most of the pitcher plant pot soil needs to be drier, loose and breathable, and cannot accumulate water; Venus flytrap, most species of grassSaussurea, Utricularia, etc. like wetness, the pot soil should be relatively moist, or you can soak the pot in a shallow water tray; the requirements for bottle grass, etc., are dry and wet.

The humidity of the pot soil can generally be checked visually. When the pot soil is wet, the color is dark gray, and there will be a little white water when it is very wet or water; when the pot soil is dry, the color is dull and dull.The color is gray when dry.

When the pot soil is dry, we need to water. There are three methods of watering: spraying, watering, and soaking.

Spray, that is, use a watering can to wet the foliage and pot soil, suitable for weekly plant leaf cleaning and pitcher plant leaf insertionReproductionHourly water supply, etc., but also daily water supply for most carnivorous plants except for insectivorous plants such as drosera and pansy, etc.. Frequent spraying will wash away the mucus and cause the glands that secrete mucus to decay, "Dewdrop" is difficult to form.

Watering, that is, watering with a kettle, suitable for large insectivorous plants such as pitcher plants and bottle plants.

Soaking, that is, water is poured into the basin pad under the basin, and the basin soil is kept moist by the siphon effect. This is the most convenient way of watering, one watering can last a long time, especially suitable for liking wetThe insectivorous plants are also most suitable for insectivorous plants with slime such as sundew and pansy. It can also be used for dry-loving insectivorous plants by adjusting the formula of potting soil and adding more coarse-grained, drainage and air-permeable substrates.

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