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Judith Sarracenia

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Judith Sarracenia is a hybrid carnivorous plant species native to the United States. The leaves of Judith Sarracenia stand upright or lying on the side in a bottle shape, most of which are bright in color with gorgeous spots or nets, and the shape is similar to the cage of NepenthesSimilarly, it can secrete honey juice and digestive juice. Insects lured by honey juice fall into the bottle. The digestive juice in the bottle will digest and absorb the insects!

Judith Sarracenia adult plant leaves can reach about 50 cm in length, the best growth temperature is 20 ℃ -30 ℃, the highest can endure 38 ℃, the lowest 0 ℃, this is the limit temperature, if novice flower lovers, it is best not to challenge, dailyMaintenance should pay attention to providing a high temperature and high humidity environment humidity should not be less than 30%, and sufficient light. Do not use tap water directly when watering, and it is best to use rain or pure water for flower lovers with conditions.

Judith Sarracenia is also obtained by planters in China by sowing. Before sowing, it needs to be refrigerated at low temperature about 5 degrees for 1-2 months, and the seeds must be kept moist. They can be wrapped in wet napkins or placed in wet sphagnum moss.In order to avoid mildew, the sphagnum moss and seeds should be disinfected and checked regularly you can also sown directly at low temperatures in winter without refrigeration; after refrigeration, the suitable temperature for sowing is 15-30 degrees, and the seeds are directly sprinkled on the clean surface of the substrate to maintain highHumidity and bright light, germinate in about 1 month in rare cases, germinate after a few months or even a year; like strong light, light will make plants grow stronger and brighter in color; if you need to fertilize, follow the fertilizer recommendationSpray more than 1/5 of the concentration.

Let’s enjoy some pictures of Judith Sarracenia:

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