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How to plant drosera

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The seeds of Drosera are black and very small, so be careful when opening the package, otherwise the seeds may be wasted, let’s look at the sowing steps:

>Preparation of the substrate: It is recommended that the medium is finely crushed sphagnum moss. According to some insect friends, the use of live sphagnum for seeding has an unexpected effect on increasing the germination rate; put the substrate to be used into a slightly largerMix in the container, add a little water and mix it for later use.

>Sown flowerpot: fill the substrate with the flowerpot and place it in a glass jar or basin filled with pure water to make the substrate fully absorb water until the surface is wet, and then spray the surface with a spray bottle mist spray.

> Sowing: Carefully open the seed packaging, and evenly sprinkle the seeds on the surface of the substrate if it is stuck on the wrapping paper, you can tear off a piece of paper to scrape it off, and do not cover it with soil.

> Water spray: Use a spray bottle to wet the surface, adjust the nozzle to mist and spray carefully to prevent the seeds from being washed away. Put the seeded flowerpot together with the glass jar or water basin on the inner side of the sunny window.It is a water basin and should be moisturized with a plastic cover with an opening at the top. Pay attention to timely replenishment.

Drosera generally germinates in about 30 days 20 degrees. Under very good conditions, the seedlings can emerge in about 15 days. If it grows too densely, it can be transplanted with soil to avoid root damage.

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