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Venus flytrap breeding method

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I saw a flower friend asking about the Venus flytrapReproductionGenerally speaking, Venus flytrapReproductionThere are three methods, namely leaf cutting, branching, and sowing. Each method has its own characteristics. Flower friends can choose the method that suits them according to their actual situation.

leaf insert: Peel off the whole leaf from the mother plant, insert it diagonally or place it flat on a clean substrate such as sphagnum moss, maintain high humidity and bright light, and buds can grow in about 2 months.

Leaf cutting supplement: If you have the experience of flower lovers, use old leaves that is, those that have lost the ability to catch insects for leaf cuttings. The rate of emergence is the highest. About ten to twenty days after leaf cutting, carefully observe the stems of the dace.The red bumps, yes, the seedlings are made from these bumps.

Branch: Venus flytrap will often grow side buds. When it grows large enough, the bulbs of the ramets will naturally separate from the mother plant. At this time, they can be digged and cultivated separately or planted separately when changing pots. Sometimes on the flower stemsIt also sprouts and can be cultivated as a component plant.

seeding: Venus flytrap seeds should be sown as soon as possible after harvesting, the longer the time, the germination rate will decrease, and the storage time should not exceed 6 months most of the Venus flytrap seeds sold in China are fake seeds, please pay attention!. Suitable temperature for sowing15-30 degrees, the seeds are sprinkled directly on the surface of the moist and clean substrate pure sphagnum or mixed peat can be used, the surface is not covered with soil or covered with 1-3 mm high fine peat or fine red jade soil to help fix the root system and maintain highHumidity and bright light the bottom of the pot can be put in a water tray to keep it moisturizing, germinate in about a month. The young seedlings grow slowly, and they can grow to adult plants for 3-5 years and can live for several decades.

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