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Drosera Branch Jindi Luo

2012-09-08 06:34 Source: http: //www.flower-fans.com Author: Leaf

Chinese name: Jin Di Luo

Alternative name: Zhan Di Luo, a hibiscus flower, falling money, night falling money, red money, golden thread hanging pod rong

Family: Drosera family

Distribution area: distributed in Guangxi, Guangdong, Fujian, Taiwan and other places.

Jindiluo is herbaceous, subshrub or shrub-like, with alternate leaves, consisting of petioles, leaf-like parts, filamentous parts, and bottle-like parts. The filamentous parts may be rolled up like tendrils and used for climbing. The bottle is an insect trap, There are two longitudinal wings or ribs not far apart in the front. There is a cap on the top of the bottle. This cap does not cover the mouth of the bottle except for the juvenile period. There is a distance behind the cap, which is the end of the filament. The flowers are unisexual and dioecious.Plants, neat, small, in racemes or panicles, sepals 3 to 4, often separated, with nectaries, male flowers have 4 to 24 stamens, filaments are formed into columnar monomers, female flowers have 1 pistil, and 3 to 4 heartsIt is formed by combining the skins, the ovary is in the upper position, 3 to 4 compartments, with many ovules. The fruit is a capsule, the back of the compartment is dehiscent, and there are 68 species in 2 genera.

Jindiluo is distributed in southern mountainous areas such as Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, etc. Its growth environment has many characteristics. Water on the hillsides constantly seeps into the soil and flows down. Here there is sufficient light and moisture. Plants are inThe growth here can get sufficient light and moisture, but the soil is very barren, especially lack of nitrogen nutrition. Therefore, Jindiluo can only supplement these nutrients by preying on some small bugs, and can grow better.Reproduction.

The leaves of Jindiluo are on the floor in a rosette shape. The leaves are wide spoon-shaped, and the edges are covered with glandular hairs. When the insects fall in, the glandular hairs will surround the insects, and the sticky glands will stick the insects and secrete them.The liquid can decompose nutrients such as insect protein, and then be absorbed by the leaf surface.

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