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Cultivation technology of Drosera with long leaves

2011-09-22 17:20 Source: http: //www.flower-fans.com Author: Yuan pure

Drosera longifolia is a rare insectivorous species in tropical regionsFlowers, it is an annual herb of the Drosera family. It can grow up to 50 cm, but new seedlings are often seen, and each plant does not exceed 10 cm. Long-leaf Drosera has the habit of growing in clusters.There are many seedlings growing around. The tender green long-leaf drosera looks just like its name. The leaves are long and thin, so the word "long leaves" is added. In order to attract insects, the leaves will secrete mucus to prey on insects.The slime on the leaves, through the lens of the camera, is like a string of pearls, and like rain and dew in the morning, it is crystal clear. But these slimes are deadly traps for small insects. If you accidentally touch them, you can’t leave this plant.It is slowly decomposed and turned into nutrients for plant growth.

>Cultivation technology

⑴ Temperature control: the minimum temperature during sowing should be above 15℃, the minimum temperature for overwintering during the growth period should be above 10℃, and the northern area of ​​Drosera must live in the greenhouse.

⑵The way of raising seedlings, seedlings should be sown in the nursery box or plug tray, and the nursery box or plug should be placed in the greenhouse or small bow shed. It is not suitable to raise seedlings in the open field.

3 Selection and preparation of the substrate: The substrate should be relatively loose and strong in water holding capacity. It should be prepared with stone, coconut bran, peat and other materials. Commercial seedling substrates can also be used.

⑷Substrate disinfection: the substrate should be disinfected during sowing to prevent disease, the substrate should be dried in the sun, and the substrate should be soaked with disinfectant after sowing.

⑸ Seeding amount: 1-2 seeds per hole.

⑹Sowing method: Because the seeds are small and inconvenient to operate, the seeds are specially fixed on absorbent paper. There is a seed in a red circle. Before sowing, cut the seeds together with absorbent paper, and clamp the absorbent paper with a sharp tip, Placed on the surface of the substrate. ⑺ Covering: The seeds have good light properties, and proper light is needed for germination, and there is no need to cover them after sowing.

⑻Spray moisturizing: After sowing, the substrate should always be kept moist. You can spray water with a fine mist or soak from the bottom of the pan. The water should be disinfected. The disinfectant can be strong chlorine or toxic. The relative humidity should be kept at about 90%.

⑼ Sunshade: After sowing and seedling stage, it is not suitable to be exposed to strong sunlight, and 85-90% shading net should be used for shading.

⑽ Seedling emergence: when the temperature and humidity are suitable, the emergence of seedlings takes about 25 days at the fastest, and the emergence is the slowest after 2 months.

⑾Disease prevention during the seedling stage: When seedlings grow slowly, attention should be paid to disease prevention. Use 50% carbendazim wettable powder 800-1000 times to spray regularly. Seedlings should be protected from rain.

⑿Transplanting seedlings: the seedlings are 5 cm high and then transferred to the pot for cultivation. When the seedlings are transferred, they must be covered with a mulch. The planting should be a little deeper, and bury one cm deeper than the original soil each time, preferably after a second transplantCultivation in a pot, the seedlings are strong and the leaves grow beautiful.

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