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Comprehensive knowledge of Drosera scoop leaf

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Drosera scoop-leaf Drosera is a very delicate and charming small insectivorous plant. There are glandular hairs on the leaves, which can secrete mucus. The appearance is covered with dew, crystal clear, and can stick insects like sticky paper.Live, digest and absorb.

Spoon-leaf Drosera is a very good species in the Drosera genus. It is not afraid of cold, heat or exposure to the sun. It is very suitable for novices to plant!

Chinese name: Drosera scoop-leaf, Drosera scoop-leaf, Drosera sp. Taiwan

Scientific name: Drosera spatulata

Living temperature: 0-37

Suitable temperature: 20-30

Cultivation substrate: peat, sphagnum, perlite, sand, etc.

Environmental humidity:>50%

Origin: South China, Taiwan, Japan, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand and other regions are distributed

Adult plant size: about 6 cm in diameter

Planting points: water with low mineral content such as rainwater, purified water, etc. should be used for watering. It is suitable for planting by pot immersion, and water is supplied from the bottom of the pot; avoid frequent spraying of water on the plants to prevent the mucus on the glandular hairs from beingWash away; the light will make the plants grow stronger and have brighter colors; if you need to fertilize, you can spray at more than 1/5 of the indicated concentration!

ReproductionMethod: SeedReproduction, leaf cutting propagation, tissue culture.

Seed propagation: sow the newly collected seeds on a moist substrate water moss is suitable, cover to maintain high air humidity, about 7-15 days will germinate at 25 degrees, but the plants reproduced by this method are in the seedlingsSlow growth during the period.

Leaf cutting propagation: The main method of propagation is to cut strong leaves from the plant and spread them on a moist substrate sphagnum moss is suitable, and keep the leaves on the leaves for about 30 days when the high air humidity is 25 degrees.The sprout points on the surface of the spores can be planted separately after they grow up. Individuals reproduced by this method grow fast and can maintain the characteristics of their parents very well.

Tissue culture: no detailed instructions. This method is suitable for manufacturers to multiply a large number of plants in a short period of time. The disadvantage is that it is not suitable for the general population and the cost is high

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