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How to increase air humidity?

2013-04-27 10:56 Source: China Network of carnivorous plants: Network

Generally, insectivorous plants will grow better under higher air humidity, especially Nepenthes. Higher air humidity can ensure the continuous growth of the cage, and make the cage longer and longer.For a long time, an air humidity of 80-90% is the best. Higher air humidity such as drosera and insect-trapping will make the leaves and dewdrops grow larger and enjoy better viewing. But it should also be noted that under normal circumstancesThe humidity should not exceed 95%, it will inhibit the metabolism of the plant and the fungus is easy to massReproductionEspecially if the humidity continues to be above 95% for several days, it will directly lead to a decrease in the survival rate of the plant, and it will easily lead to rotten cores, rotten stems, and rotten roots.

Then how to increase the air humidity of the environment? It can be solved in two ways -

1 Moisturizing: Use a relatively airtight environment, such as in a fish tank or greenhouse, or cover it with an open-hole transparent disposable cup or plastic bag. The airtight environment should be protected from sunlight to avoid heat lossHeat the plants to death.

2 Humidification: Planting using pot immersion method pots are soaked in a water tray, covered with wet sphagnum moss, spraying water frequently, using automatic spraying or humidifier, etc.

Note: Drosera and other sticky-catching insectivorous plants are not suitable for frequent spraying, which will dilute the mucus, and even cause the glands to decay prematurely without mucus protection.

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