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Drosera propagation leaf cutting, sowing

2014-12-02 07:28 Source: http: //www.flower-fans.com Author: WULALA123

DroseraReproductionThe most commonly used methods are planting and leaf inserting. First, sowing. Drosera seeds are very small, such as dust, which can easily be blown off by accident. Drosera seeding is mainly concentrated in spring, summer and autumn.For the three seasons, sowing needs to look at different varieties, such as: Jindiluo Drosera and Longleaf Drosera, which need to be planted in spring or early summer, otherwise they will freeze to death before the seeds are mature;The Cape of Good Hope is afraid of heat, so in order to give the seedlings enough growth period, it usually chooses autumn sowing.

First prepare a container a disposable plastic lunch box or something and sphagnum moss, soak the sphagnum moss, cover the container, pour water thoroughly, and then evenly sprinkle the seeds on it be careful not to be too dense, otherwise it will be difficult to separate in the futureSeedlings, maybe many people like to be stuffy, but my practice proves that you don’t need to be stuffy, so that the grown seedlings are easier to adapt to the natural environment. After planting and sowing, be sure to place them in a bright place. The seeds need light for germination.If the light is not good, it will take a long time more than 1 month or even longer. If the container is non-porous, it will inevitably need to be watered from above. Then you must mainly leave the water slowly from the easy edge and don’t pour it suddenly.So as not to wash the seeds to the edge, they are all concentrated on the edge when germinating. If it is a perforated container, it can be grown in a soaking pot. If the light is bright, the temperature is suitable and the substrate is moist, then the fastest halfYou can see very small seedlings grow out in about a month provided that the seeds are fresh enough. The seedlings that have just sprouted look very fragile. In fact, this is not the case. Many people think that they are too small to be in the sun, but it is actually acceptable.Direct sunlight, the sundew grows faster!

Next, let’s talk about leaf cutting. I have to say that the reproductive ability of Drosera is really amazing. Any part of the plant leaf, flower stem, root can be used for cutting, and sometimes it will differentiate from flower buds into small plants, sowing andThe process of leaf cutting is basically the same. Take leaf propagation as an example. Cut off a leaf from Drosera an old leaf that is not wilted or a new leaf that has grown. If it takes up the insects, wash the leaf and level it.Spread on the moist sphagnum moss surface, the subsequent process is the same as sowing both stuffy and not stuffy, as long as the water is constant, bright light is also needed, and the budding time depends on the variety.The buds can be opened in about 2 weeks, while the Cape of Good Hope and Forked Leaf need more than 1 month. Do not rush to divide immediately after budding, and remove them when the plants grow to a certain size, because plants that are too small may not have roots or roots.It is very short and hard to live. Thinning can be picked with toothpicks. Be careful not to break the root.

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