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How to adapt carnivorous plants to the environment?

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Any organism has the ability to adapt to environmental changes, and carnivorous plants are no exception, as long as the speed and range of environmental changes are within their tolerance. According to this feature, we can make more with less effortPlants of different living environments live in our homes. Of course, this must be established within the range that plants can withstand and must meet certain conditions.

When carnivorous plants have just moved to your new home or plan to change the planting environment, please imitate their native environment or the environment they lived in before. After obtaining normal growth, gradually change the environment to make it closer to usNormal living environment. In environmental changes, always observe the condition of plants, whether they are gradually adapting to the new environment, whether they are still in a normal growth state, whether the new organs of plants still maintain normal functions.

In the actual cultivation process, we most often encounter changes in air humidity, light and other environmental factors. For example, the air humidity in the grassland environment of the pig cage is very high. When planted in the environment where we live, it is often a cageIt will slowly wither within a week.

First of all, we need to provide her with a high humidity environment. For the method, please refer to "FAQ-How to increase air humidity". When it can grow normally in such an environment, we will gradually reduce the air humidity. Generally, strengthenVentilation, increase the vent method. After reducing the air humidity for a period of time, if the plants can still maintain normal growth, the air humidity can be reduced again, after several times, until the humidity of our living environment.

If you find that the growth is not good after reducing the air humidity, you can increase the air humidity and reduce the decrease of the air humidity next time until it reaches the range that she can adapt.

For example: Nepenthes moves from the scattered light to the direct sunlight after the air humidity is adapted, and the live drosera moves from the scattered light to the direct sunlight. The process also gradually increases the light.Intensity, the method can adopt the moving method or the shading method, such as gradually moving from the indoor window sill position to the outdoor balcony direct sunlight or directly moving to the direct sunlight, by adjusting the shading rate.

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