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Three points for beginners in flower arrangement

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1 Basic flower arrangement

1. Horizontal type

The design focus emphasizes the horizontal shape extending horizontally. The center is slightly raised, and the left and right ends are elegantly curved designs. The biggest feature of its shape is that it can be appreciated from any angle. It is mostly used for dining tables, coffee tables, and conference table furnishings.


Flowers can be inserted into equilateral triangles, isosceles triangles or unequal triangles. The shape is simple and stable, giving people a sense of balance, stability, simplicity, and solemnity. They are used for ceremonies, openings, gifting flower baskets, etc. If they are largeIt is also luxurious and luxurious when used in cultural performances and other grand occasions.

3.L type

The two sides are combined vertically, and the left and right sides are uneven. It should be placed at the corner of the room against the wall. The L-shape often plays an important role in the formation of some spikes. The large flowers and fruits are used at the corners, and the small flowersStretching forward, it feels open and upward.

4. Fan shape

It is changed according to the basic triangular flower arrangement shape, which is radial in the center and forms a fan shape. It is suitable for display in larger spaces.

5. Inverted T-shape

The whole design focuses on an inverted T-shaped composition. The ratio of the vertical line to the left and right horizontal lines is 2:1, giving a modern feel. It is suitable for decoration in an environment with a small space on the left and right.

6.Vertical type

The overall shape is a vertical upward shape, giving a feeling of extending upward. It is suitable for display in a high and narrow space.

7. Oval

Elegant and luxurious shape. Using a large number of flowers, group-style inserting method, the structure and contrast requirements are relatively low, showing a natural roundness. Classic vases are used as containers, which are suitable for places in churches or ceremonies.Large occasions.

8. Tilt type

The shape is a unequal triangle. The length of the main branch depends on the situation. The whole composition has the characteristics of imbalance between left and right. It is mostly used for linear flowers, which can effectively express the stretch and natural beauty.

2 Determination of size in flower arrangement

The proportion of flower material and flower vessel should be coordinated. Generally speaking, the height of the flower arrangement that is, the height of the first main branch should not exceed 1.5-2 times the height of the flower arrangement container. The height of the container is calculated as the diameter of the bottle mouth plus its heightAfter the height of the first main branch is determined, the height of the second main branch is 2/3 of the height of the first main branch, and the height of the third main branch is 1/2 of the height of the second main branch. Visually inspect with experience in the specific creative processThat's it. Second, the third main branch plays a balancing role in the composition. The number is not limited, but the size and proportion should be coordinated. The proportions between the natural flower arrangement and the floral utensils must be appropriate, so as to be scattered, Sparsely and densely, avoid exposed feet, shrunken heads, and unkempt. Regular and abstract flower arrangements are best handled according to the golden ratio, that is to say, the height of the bottle is 3, the height of the flower material is 5, and the total height is 8.3:5:8 is fine. The bouquet can also be bandaged according to this ratio.

3 Arrangement of flower arrangement colors

The color configuration of the flower arrangement is both a portrait of nature and an exaggeration of nature. The main color selection should be suitable for the environment. The strong and warm color red, orange, yellow is suitable for festive gatherings, dance halls, restaurants, and exhibition halls.; Bright and clean neutral tones are suitable for study rooms, living rooms and bedrooms; while cool colors light yellow, green, blue, purple, white are often used in memorial places.

As far as the types of flowers are concerned, the tree seeks to be profound and powerful, and the herb seeks to be bright and pleasant. Natural-style floristry is based on beautiful and non-chaotic, colorful and non-dazzling colors. Even if there is no flower, it can also be used in green and pine.Cypress is the protagonist. The patterned floral art is rich in colors, hot and enthusiastic, and it can also be a combination of contrasting colors in the same work.

From the perspective of the color combination of the flower materials and the container, the plain thin vase and the elegant chrysanthemum have a sense of harmony; the strong and decorative dahlias and the glaze black stoneware pots can show their rough style; shallowThe blue water Mengyi is inserted with low and dense pink daisies or small chrysanthemums; the crystal clear glass ampoule is suitable for the gerbera decorated with the main text, and its stems are wrapped around the bottle.

In terms of the characteristics of Eastern and Western floral art, Western floral art has a large number of flower branches, strong colors and strong contrast; while Eastern floral art has fewer flower branches, emphasizes natural beauty, and uses light and light colors, which are known for elegance.

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