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The cultivation method of gladiolus gladiolus

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Gladiolus GladiolushybridusHort. It is a perennial herbaceous gladiolus in the Iridaceae family. It is one of the world's famous cut flowers. It has a wide variety of colorful flowers, a long flowering period, and a very decorative flower posture. It is mainly used for vases or making bouquets.Flower blue. In addition to cut flowers, it is also suitable for potted plants, flower beds, etc.

>Ecological habits and flowering period adjustment

Gladiolus loves warmth, and has certain cold tolerance, not tolerant to high temperatures, especially avoiding sultry heat. The climate is warm in winter and cool in summer. The critical growth temperature is 3℃, and the bulbs can germinate and grow at 4℃~5.; Suitable temperature for growth, 20℃~25℃ during the day and 10℃~15℃ at night. It can be cultivated as long as there are 4~5 months suitable for growth in a year. In our country, spring bulbs are usually usedCultivation, flowering in summer, dormancy in winter, the dormant period is generally 30 to 90 days. Gladiolus loves deep, fertile and well-drained sandy loam, not suitable for growth in sticky soil or low-lying water, the soil pH value is 5.6-6.5Better to have enough sunshine. Gladiolus is a long dayFlowers, it is beneficial to the differentiation of flower buds under long-day light, but promotes flowering under short-day light. The bulb life of gladiolus is 1 year, and it is renewed once a year. When new balls are produced, child balls are formed at the same time.After the cue ball shrinks and dies, it is naturally separated from the cue ball.

Gladiolus flowering period is easier to control. The bulbs are refrigerated, planted in stages, and then cultivated in greenhouses, hotbeds and cooling beds and light is adjusted to achieve annual flower supply. The key is to keep the bulbs in a low-temperature and dry environment to control their flower buds,Hair roots, keep them dormant, and plant them when needed.


1 Red Hector: fresh flesh; optimistic: vermilion; ballerina: bright crimson; Baledo: bright crimson with purple spots; red light: bright red; flame mark: bright crimson.

2 Peach-colored Elisa Visquin: vine peach-colored background with white spots; friendship: fresh peach color with white center.

3 Yellow system concentrator: bright yellow with red center; gold: bright yellow; Meg: bright yellow; gold bank: pure yellow.

4 White Snow White: pure white; white gold: creamy white; broken wave white edge: white; Pei leather white: pure white.

5 Purple Conkella: blue; Sprim: purple.

>Reproductionand cultivation

The reproduction of gladiolus is mainly divided into balls, and it can also be propagated by cutting balls and sowing tissue culture. The production of cut flowers can be bloomed and notPests and diseasesExcellent bulb.

The split ball method takes the new ball and child ball naturally separated from the cue ball and plant them separately. Usually the new ball can bloom normally in the second year; the child ball needs to be cultivated for 1 to 2 years to reach the required standard for cultivationFor cut flowers.

The cutting method is to accelerate the propagation. The seed bulb is cut into several parts longitudinally, but each part must have more than one bud and part of the stem. Note that the cut part should be mixed with plant ash to prevent rotten, and plant after the cut is dry.

The sowing method is commonly used when cultivating new varieties and rejuvenating old varieties. Generally, after the seeds are harvested in summer and autumn, they are sowed in pots immediately, and the germination rate is higher. In winter, the seedlings are transferred to the greenhouse for cultivation or directly in the greenhouse in autumn., planted in the open field in the spring of the second year, and some plants may bloom in summer.

Tissue culture method uses the side buds on flower stems or bulbs as the outer rods for tissue culture to obtain sterile bulbs. The tissue culture method can be used to detoxify gladiolus and rejuvenate and propagate gladiolus.Or furrow planting. For furrow planting, the furrow spacing of the large balls is 40 cm to 60 cm, and the plant spacing is 10 cm to 15 cm; for border planting, the row spacing of large balls is 20 cm to 30 cm and the plant spacing is 10 cm to 15 cm. Before cultivation, every 0.1Apply 1500 kg to 2250 kg of decomposed compost, 300 kg of cake fertilizer, 120 kg of superphosphate, and 120 kg of plant ash per hectare as base fertilizer. The bulbs should be disinfected before use, and the film can be removed and soaked in clean water, and then soaked in 5 minutes laterSoak in 1000 times mercury dilution solution or 80 times formalin solution for 30 minutes. When cultivating under frames with insulation facilities, keep the air fresh, dry and ventilated, especially during flower bud differentiation and inflorescence growthTime is more important. The temperature in the seedling stage should be kept at 10℃~15℃, and the temperature should be increased to 20℃~25℃ as the plant grows, and the night should be lower accordingly. It is necessary to maintain sufficient sunlight and 14 hours of sunshine per day; when insufficient,Artificial lighting should be used, otherwise blind flowers will easily occur. In addition, it is necessary to choose varieties with strong adaptability, early flowering and early bulb maturity.

Cutting and preservation of cut flowers

The most suitable time for harvesting and cutting of gladiolus is when one or two small flowers at the base of the panicle show their color and are not released. If the plant is cut too early, the sugar content of the plant itself is low, which affects the quality of the cut flowers, so that the whole plant cannot all the florets from bottom to top.Opening; Too late, the flowers have opened, which affects storage and transportation, and also affects the viewing life. During the day, it is advisable to harvest and cut before 10 am. In order to keep the ball, keep 2 to 3 intact leaves after cutting. After harvesting and cuttingThe flowering branches are packed in grades according to variety, color and grade standards, 10 branches or 12 branches, and then put on the market in carton or straw packaging. Before transportation, treat with 4% sucrose solution for 24 hours, or with a mass fraction of 1000×10-6 silver nitrate is treated for 10 minutes to increase the sugar accumulation of flowering branches and control the production of ethylene. Bottle cut preservation is usually made by mixing sucrose, 8-hydroxyquinoline citrate, silver nitrate, and aluminum sulfate.

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