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The breeding method of hyacinth

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It's scheduled to buy againHyacinthIt's time,HyacinthThe flowers are easy to maintain and are loved by a wide range of flower lovers, but when buying hyacinths, many flower lovers are deceived by some unscrupulous merchants as shoddy and small-sized bulbs. Those who have not yet started can watch the forumHyacinth group purchase spontaneously organized by flower friends:http://tuan.yuhuagu.com

The following mainly talks about the treatment method and maintenance method after receiving the bulb

1. Disinfection: It is recommended that you first disinfect and sterilize the bulbs to prevent rot. Method: Remove the dry skin and old roots of the bulbs, soak them in a potassium permanganate solution concentration based on lavender for a quarter of an hour.Soaking and disinfection.

2. Dry in the shade: After disinfection, shake the water in the bulb and dry it in the shade for one day.

3. Planting: Because the flower buds of the bulbs have been differentiated and formed, no base fertilizer is needed in the planting process. Plant the bulbs in potting soil, the height of the soil is 2 cm to cover the highest point of the bulbs, no bulb root planting experienceIf it is, it is recommended to expose half a centimeter of the soil at the top of the bulb mainly to prevent too much watering to cause stem rot, and it is recommended that you use the latter, and water the pot thoroughly after planting.

4. Pre-maintenance: After planting, it can be placed in an environment not higher than 10 degrees to promote roots to germinate. The entire root sprouting period is about 20-30 days depending on the environmental temperature. In the watering linkOn the top, make it dry and water thoroughly, remember not to water at will, you can judge the dryness and wetness by weighing the weight of the flower pot.

5. Post-maintenance: After budding, the temperature of the growth environment can be appropriately increased to shorten the time required for flowering. The growth temperature should be controlled at about 15-20 degrees. Below 10 degrees, the growth is relatively slow, but it is not too effective for growth.Great influence; if the temperature is higher than 25°C, it is easy to produce blind flower phenomenon the flower buds cannot grow well and cannot bloom. Usually, the sunshine time can be lengthened. If there is more sunshine, the plant will be relatively short and the plant type is beautiful. Under normal maintenance, it is about from budding to flowering.It takes about 30 days. If the ambient temperature is high, the flowering will be earlier.

6. Flowering period maintenance: Flowering period is about 10-15 days. If the ambient temperature is low, the flowering period will be relatively long. After blooming, it can be moved indoors for viewing. Appropriate daily light should be given to prevent the leaves and flower stems from growing steeply.

7. Post-flowering treatment: After the flowers die, the remaining flowers can be removed to raise the ball. In daily management, nitrogen fertilizer cake fertilizer can be applied once about 2 weeks to promote the development of the bulb in the soil. The quality of the ball will directly affect the next year.Flower again. After summer comes, the leaves will slowly turn yellow naturally, the amount of watering can be gradually reduced. After the bulb enters dormancy, water is completely forbidden and placed in a cool place below 30 degrees is appropriate, too high temperature is not good for the formation of flower buds.

Note: During the planting process, the soil must be dry before watering, so as to prevent the bulb from rot due to excessive water.

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