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Controlling the five elements of freesia freesia

2013-04-01 19:25 Source: http: //www.flower-fans.com Author: Blue Sky riding flower

XinxuelanEasy to grow, it is extremely difficult to control the plant type, all flower lovers who have planted have experience. Some friends need to soak the bulbs with chlormequat before planting, and some friends cultivate itXinxuelanUp to half a meter, there are many ways to put up racks and tie up, which affects the beauty.

Located in the Huaihe River Basin in winter, there is no heating in the room, and the minimum outdoor temperature is minus 9-10°C. It is about ten years of planting freesia, and there is no need to build a shelf. The plant shape is generally controlled at about 30 cm.

The principle to prevent Vanilla from overgrowing is: deep planting, strict water control, more sunshine, and proper cold tolerance. Specifically, there are the following five elements.

First, the planting time depends on the temperature. When to plant the vanilla, it depends on the local temperature. After years of observation, the author believes that the highest daily temperature is more suitable for planting at 20℃. Planting too early will make the vanilla germinate quickly and easilyLong. If the temperature is higher than 20℃ when planting, you can also bury the seed bulbs in the soil first, without watering it temporarily.

When planting vanilla, the bulbs should be arranged at equal distances so that they will be neat and beautiful in the future. It is recommended to place the small bulbs on the periphery and the larger bulbs in the middle, because the large bulbs will have higher stems and leaves in the future.It is easy to fall down, and relatively short plants on the periphery can play a supporting role.

Many friends have this mentality after planting: I hope to see the young shoots emerge as soon as possible, and hope that the young shoots will grow up soon. In fact, for the freesia, the slower germination may be a good thing. Some of my bulbsThe buds do not sprout one month after planting please ensure ventilation, and they can still grow and bloom normally in the later period.

Secondly, planting should be deep, applying foot fertilizer. It is best for planting freesiaOrchidIn pots, the bulbs can be buried about 10 cm deep. Years of planting experience has shown that when planting pansy in deep pots, the plants tend to grow upright and upright. On the contrary, they may fall apart and become listless. I generally tend to apply foot fertilizer before planting, The bean cake fertilizer can be mixed with plant ash, and the fertilizer will not be applied in the future. Of course, the later top dressing can also promote the growth of freesia, but it must be thinner.

Third, control the moisture during the growth period. After planting, water permeable once, and then put the vanilla in a cool and ventilated place. Before budding, the soil in the pot is still dry and wet, and then gradually increase the light after budding.Long-term watering should strictly follow the principle of "drying and pouring thoroughly", and the degree of "drying" should be better than that of "drying" in the general sense the fire temperature must be experienced by friends, such as basin soil dry"Big water" plus "high temperature" will cause the freesia to grow too fast, and the seedlings will be "fine", "weak", and "high". If you feel that the above-mentioned undesirable trends have appeared, you can proceed appropriatelyPruning. But pruning is not suitable for simple stubble, it is best to keep a certain slope, so that its growth tends to be natural. Pay special attention, it is not suitable for pruning during the bud period.

Fourth, bask in the sun. Sufficient sunlight should be maintained during the growth period of vanilla, whether it is golden autumn or cold winter, let them enjoy the "sunbathing". Exposure to the sun is very beneficial to slow down the growth rate and control the lengthening.Slow to grow strong. It should be noted that "sunbathing" should be stopped during the flowering period, and proper shade can extend the flower viewing time.

Fifth, keep the low temperature during the growth period. I have carefully observed and tested the low-temperature resistance of the vanilla in the winter of last year, and tried to place it outdoors in a low temperature environment of minus 3 ℃, and found that its growth is good.Freezing damage occurs. Generally speaking, Vanilla can withstand a low temperature of about 0°C, and thus obtain a shorter and stronger plant type.

The above is my own experience of planting vanilla, for reference only.

Personal opinion:Growing flowersAlso rely on savvy, do not advocate copying and copying, due to differences in region, climate, and temperature.

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