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When will the hyacinth nutrient solution be added?

2019-08-26 09:52 Source: flower-fans Author: Wang smiled

For novice flower lovers, the nutrient solution seems to be a more important place, but it isHyacinthIn the process of hydroponics, it is not that important, a flower friend askedHyacinthWhen will the nutrient solution be added, we will start from this question to talk about hyacinth and nutrient solution.

Hyacinth that blooms in the first year

The primary nutrient source of hyacinth blooming is the nutrient storage of the bulb itself, which is why our hydroponic hyacinth is not inferior to the soil planting, and the effect of hyacinth is poor and the bulb will haveDue to the effect of decay, more than 95% of hydroponic hyacinths will only be kept for one year. After the flowering period, look at the leaves and when the weather gets hot, the bulbs will be thrown away.

This hydroponic hyacinth is re-flowered in the second year

In this mode, adding nutrient solution to hyacinths is futile, because the effect is not particularly obvious. The editor feels that there is no need to invest in it. If there is money to buy nutrient solution, you can buy more bulbs, so that you can see the flowers laterToo much.

If you have to add nutrient solution, you can add it after the hyacinth takes root. Remember, don’t add it as soon as the hyacinth roots. Add the nutrient solution after the hyacinth root grows almost.The tolerance is poor, even if the nutrient solution is added, it can’t absorb much, and we have to change the water later.

This is the hyacinth that blooms in the first year without nutrient solution

Does the hyacinth bulb have to be thrown in the second year?

No, due to the influence of the climate, hyacinths perform poorly in multiple flowers in China, but it is only poor, not to say that they do not bloom, so if there is no high requirement for blooming, you can continue to plant them, and the treatment methods are alsoIt's very simple. After the hyacinth blooming period is over, cut the flowers and arrows, and then add soil to the hydroponic bottle. It is best to add ceramsite, vermiculite, perlite and other inorganic media to facilitate later removal. The water in the bottle is not needed.Pour out, the added medium will overflow the excess water. We don’t need to water in the later stage. This is the process of turning water into soil. When the soil feels a little dry, after adapting to this soil planting process, you can pourPlanted out of the soil.

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