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Whether the bulbous flower is buried deep or shallow

2020-05-16 09:04 Source: flower-fans Author: editor

"Shallow burying of flowers, deep burying of long balls" is probably known to many flower lovers, but it does not apply to bulbous roots in all situationsFlowersPlanting, we need to decide according to the actual situation.

There are many bulbous plants, such as Hippeastrum,HyacinthTulips, purple root orchids, etc., they should choose different planting methods under different planting environments.

The gap between ground plant and pot plant is obvious, such as:

Ground planting: basically it can be buried deeply this deep burial is generally only 2-5 cm, but don’t think the deeper the better.

Potted plants: For some smaller bulbous plants, such as tulips, it is enough to cover about 2-5 cm of soil. For some larger bulbous plants, some bulbs can be exposed on the soil surface.

The soil covering of some common bulbous plants is listed below.

Hyacinth: Because we generally don’t need it to re-flower, and in order to avoid the rot of the bulb, it is generally enough to bury half of it, that is, half of the bulb is on the soil layer, this does not affect the blooming of the hyacinth.

Zhu Dinghong: Because Zhu Dinghong can be multi-flowered, if it is a small ball that is shared, we need to raise the ball. At this time, we must bury it deeply. This deep burial is 3-5 cm of soil, but the deeper it isThe better. If the bulb is larger, half of the bulb can be above the soil surface, of course, it can also be one-third on the top. There is no fixed requirement for this.

Purple root orchid: If it is a small bulbous purple root orchid, it is currently mainly planted with bulbs and can be planted with about 2 cm of soil. If it is already a flowering bulb, it does not need to be planted too deep, and the sphere is exposed to the soil surface 1-About 2 cm will do.

Tulip: Put the sprouted end of the tulip up, and then evenly plant it on the soil, and then cover the soil for about 2-5 cm don’t expose the bulb on the soil surface if the tulip is planted in soil, water it thoroughly, and then put itIt can be maintained in a place with sufficient sunlight.

Daffodils: Just like tulips, 3-5 cm soil cover, slightly shallower 1-2 cm soil cover is also possible.

Lily: Covering 3-5 cm of soil, there is no need for the bulbs to be exposed on the surface of the soil. The picture below shows the bulging buds, which are not the buds exposed just after planting.

Wood sorrelWood sorrelThere is no need to bury deeply. Generally, it is enough to cover with soil about 1 cm. In addition, it is better to leave a little height along the edge of the flowerpot. Don't fill the soil full, generally leave 1-2 cm..

Fengyulan: Generally speaking, it is enough to cover 2-3 cm with soil, that is, it is probably buried to the stem of the picture below.

Tiger's Eye Dieffenbachia: The small ball is covered with soil by 3-5 cm to raise the ball, and the large ball can be exposed on the surface of the soil.

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