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Post-flower management of Zhu Dinghong

2012-07-08 05:01 Source: http: //www.flower-fans.com Author: Muyu

Zhu Dinghong is generally open from New Year to Spring Festival. Here are some issues that should be paid attention to after the flower management.

1. Get to the ground and grow strong. Cut off the scapes as soon as possible, and try to keep less stubble to avoid wasting nutrients. It is not necessary to cut long leaves, leaving leaves is conducive to bulb growth. If possible, plant Hippeastrum bulbs in sandy culture soilCultivation, the soil sees dry and wet, maintain ventilation, loosen the soil and weed when dry. In summer, the flowers and plants are in a semi-dormant state. Drought prevention and fertilization are strictly prohibited to avoid rotten bulbs. From September to October, restore fertilization as before, and increase phosphorusPotassium fertilizes buds. Stop fertilizing in November. You don’t need to dig into the room in a hurry. It is best to go through a light frost at about -5°C, but the bulbs should not be frozen, then dig up the pot and enter the room.Managed under natural conditions, thick and sturdy, with many scaps, many buds, large and bright flowers.

2. Cultivation in pots as early as possible to cut off the scapes, try to keep less stubble, and continue to maintain. If the pot soil was changed last year, there is no need to change the soil. If the pot soil has been used for many years and lacks nutrition, it must be knocked outSort out, remove the rotten roots, and replace with new soil. The pot plants that have just replaced the soil are afraid of breaking the roots when the soil is compacted, so do not water them temporarily. Wait one or two days before watering them to let the soil settle by itself and reduce rottenness.The occurrence of roots. A few days after planting the newly soiled potted plants, they should be placed next to a well-lit window to promote the rejuvenation of the plants. When the lowest outdoor night temperature is higher than 10°C, the potted plants can be moved outdoors. Caution for pot culture: First, drought will occur due to soil loss. Drought may cause the flowers and leaves to dry up. Watering should be done at the right time. Second, the roots grow in pots and the growth is limited, so you need to refer to ground planting and fertilizing, but it is more "thin" than ground planting.Fertilizer application". Do not rehydrate too much. Frequent waterlogging will cause the leaves to be thin and soft, with thin and small flowers, or even no flowers.

Three, matters needing attention:

1. In winter November dormancy must stop watering and fertilization the soil is dry without watering, the management can be put into management in December for early flowering, and management will start in March and April for late flowering. Normal room temperature in winterUnder the conditions, watering can release the dormancy of the bulb and make it enter a growing state. Generally, flower buds or new leaves can be seen within two weeks of normal management, and flowers can be seen within four or five weeks.

2. There is no need to cut the leaves after flowering, unless the leaves are aging, disabled, and too long to hinder their appearance. Because the leaves make nutrients for the whole plant through photosynthesis, more than one is better than less, so cut the leaves for no reason."It makes no sense.

3. If there are only a few pots, you don’t need to cut the leaves and cut the roots for dry storage during the winter. It is not a problem to place them under the bed or in the corner of the house. After a short period of dormancy, cut off the wilted leaves and perform normal management. There will be good flowers to see.

4. Zhu Dinghong is happy to light, and it is extremely important to give it enough light during the entire growth process.

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