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Zhu Dinghong is suitable for shallow pots or deep pots, how deep is the appropriate depth, and several balls in a pot

2019-11-20 22:28 Source: flower-fans Author: Wang smiled

Zhu Dinghong is not cheap, so flower friends are more careful. Today we talk about a few questions about flower pots, such as whether Zhu Dinghong is suitable for shallow pots or deep pots, how deep is it suitable for burying, and how many balls in a pot. I hopeCan be of help to flower friends!

Zhu Dinghong is suitable for shallow pots or deep pots

The root system of Zhu Dinghong is relatively developed, so many flower lovers think it is better to use deep pots. In fact, we don’t need to care too much about the depth of the flower pots. As long as the pots are not too shallow, a pot with a depth of about 20 cm is fine.No need to be too deep.

How deep is Zhu Dinghong buried

This depends on the size of the Zhudinghong ball. If it is a small ball, we mainly raise the ball, so cover 2-5 cm of soil. If it is an adult flowering ball, half of the ball should be exposed to the soil. There is a sayingIn this way, deep bury the ball and shallow bury the flower! When the bulb is just planted, at least half of the sphere is exposed, and the state of the bulb is often checked, because this period of time is very prone to ulceration. After this period of time, the bulbThe roots and leaves have grown, and then cover with soil to 1/2 or 2/3 of the bulb.

Zhu Dinghong several balls in a pot

Because Hippeastrum is relatively large, we usually have one pot with one ball, so the leaves are relatively beautiful. If you use a large pot with a few more, the beauty of Hippeastrum will not be shown!

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