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How to preserve the root ball of Gloxinia winter

2020-05-03 09:51 Source: flower-fans Author: bellajenny

There are actually many ways to preserve the root ball of Gloxinia. For example, if the room temperature can be maintained at about 20°C, it can bloom all year round many southern florists’ Gloxinia blooms in four seasons, but when spring begins,The flowering is relatively weak, so many flower lovers choose to let the gloxinia dormant in winter.

Below is the way to store gloxinia in winter by Beijing flower friend bellajenny

I usually put the ball in a sealed bag, but if you want to put the ball dormant in winter when there is heating in the north, you must put it on the low temperature north balcony the temperature is between 0-10 degrees. Note that the place where the ball is placed cannot be lower thanZero degrees. Will the long-term wetness in the bag rot the ball? An experiment was done this year and it was very successful, and it is applicable to both north and south.

At the end of autumn, you can cut the head of gloxinia, take the ball after cutting the roots, and let the wound dry for half an hour. Find a sealed bag and put a small amount of moist clean three-in-one peat+perlite+vermiculite inside.Then put the ball in, and plant it after germination in the next spring. I use a three-in-one made of imported peat. This kind of tidal soil is stuffed in a sealed bag for one year without any problems.

The advantage of this sealed bag storage method is that you can monitor the status of the balls in time. This year I was too busy, and the germination was too late to plant. I am a little sorry for them. The balls below were placed at the end of November last year, and now the buds are the boss, Has not had time to plant.

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