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Causes of yellowing of cyclamen leaves

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Some people raise cyclamen, watering too much, the roots will rot; some people raise cyclamen flowers, the color becomes lighter as they bloom, and the edges of the leaves turn yellow. Why? In fact, fairyKe Lai does not like too much water, too much water will rot the roots. But cyclamen must not lack water, otherwise the leaves will wilt and droop, just water it.

Some people are afraid that the cyclamen lacks water. When watering the flowers, they not only pour too much water at one time, but also store water in the water basin under the flowerpot, which is not good for the growth of cyclamen.Water in the pot will cause the cyclamen to rot. At a temperature of 17°C to 18°C, water the cyclamen once every 3 days. Wait until the soil is dry before watering. In addition, be careful not toSpray water on the leaves and flowers of cyclamen.

Cyclamen is happy to light but is afraid of strong light. It is enough to have weak light every day. Do not expose it to the sun at noon. When the flowers of cyclamen bloom and become lighter, it is related to insufficient light and insufficient fertilization. Special needsIt is pointed out that most of the cyclamen sold in the flower market today use professional fertilizers and softened water before they are put on the market, so the cultivated flowers are particularly beautiful. But after consumers buy them home, it is difficult to raise them.Good. It is recommended that flower lovers who grow cyclamen should use pure water or boiled water that has been cold for a day to water the flowers after buying cyclamen, and apply fertilizer every half a month.

Cyclamen has a dormant habit in the summer. In June, the leaves of cyclamen will wither and fall after the flowers. At this time, you can take the flower bulbs out of the pots and put them in a plastic bag, and then put them in the refrigerator. NoteThe temperature of the refrigerator should not be lower than 0℃. After the beginning of autumn, remove the bulbs, remove the old roots and dead leaves, and replant them in the pots. When the new leaves begin to germinate, normal water and fertilizer management can be gradually restored.

1, long-term defertilization. Long-term no nitrogen fertilizer or no change of water in the basin, lack of nitrogen and other nutrients in the water, resulting in weak branches and leaves, thin and yellow leaves. New culture water needs to be changed in time to gradually increase the thinningDecomposed liquid fertilizer or compound flower fertilizer.

2 Excessive fertilization. If fertilization is too much, new leaves will appear thick and uneven, and the dry tips of old leaves will fall off. The fertilization should be stopped immediately, and the amount of water exchange should be increased, so that the fertilizer will be lost, or immediately poured,Rinse the bulbs with water before replanting them in the pot.

3, hot and high temperature. If the narcissus is placed in a high temperature place and exposed to strong light, it is very easy to cause the leaf tip and edge of the young leaf to scorch, or the yellow leaf to fall off. It needs to be moved to a well-ventilated and cool place in time.

4, Excessive shade. If the narcissus is kept in shade or a place with insufficient light for a long time, it will cause the branches and leaves to turn yellow.

5, the water and soil are alkaline. Due to the lack of soluble iron and other elements that can be absorbed by the water, the leaves will gradually turn yellow. Acidic soil and water should be used for planting, and alum fertilizer water should be often poured during the growth period.

6, dense and not ventilated. If too much nitrogen fertilizer is applied, the branches and leaves will grow into lushness, plus long-term unpruning, resulting in insufficient light in the inner chamber branches and leaves, which will easily cause the leaves to yellow and fall off. Reasonable fertilization and pruning should be strengthened.Make it ventilated and light.

7, the air is dry. When the indoor air is too dry, the narcissus will often have dry leaf tips or scorched leaf edges. It should be noted that water spraying and plastic film covers should be used to increase air humidity.

What to do if the leaves of cyclamen turn yellow

1. Cyclamen leaves curl and yellow

Solution: lack of nutrients, fertilize quickly, buy special fertilizer from the flower shop and don’t give too muchFlowersSupplement nutrition, usually you can bury some cooked soybeans and cooked peanuts in a small amount in the basin. Bean cakes, spoiled steamed bread, etc., so that you will not worry about lack of nutrition

2. Cyclamen planting problems, flower stems rot, flower leaves turn yellow

Solution: Water too much. Stop watering and wait until the soil is healed and dry before watering.

3. When watering, the leaves turn yellow, and the buds that have just grown out of water are dry. It is better to water them every few days? It is better to spray with a watering can or directly pour in the pot

Solution: When the cyclamen flower is well grown, it can bloom twice a year. The flowers are mainly in spring and autumn. They are half shaded, so do not put them in the sun directly. The summer temperature is high. Cyclamen will be dormant. Try as little as possible during the dormant period.Watering to keep the soil moist is enough to prevent the roots from rot due to excessive moisture. When planting, it is best to expose the bulbous roots of the flower to one-third of the soil surface. When watering, directly call it in the flowerpot and try not to get water on the flower leaves.Because the leaves of the cyclamen flower are round and concave in the middle, it is easy to retain water. After the water evaporates, it will leave a water mark. If the leaf surface is not breathing well, it is easy to dry and yellow. It is best to use a soft cloth to wipe and water.When the water is dry and wet, you can't water it every day because cyclamen is a bulbous root that can store water. If you water it too much, it is easy to produce buds and leaves yellow. Spring is dry and dry for three days. Water for five days in autumn.Just pour it left and right.

4. The leaves of cyclamen are rolled up

Light: Cyclamen should be placed in windows, balconies and other places with sufficient light, and the position of flower pots should be changed frequently. Adequate light can make the flowers more beautiful and the leaves more shiny. Although the cyclamen is a more shade-tolerant primrosePlants, but insufficient light for a long time can easily make the leaves of cyclamen yellow.

Moisture: Watering should be properly controlled. Excessive water will cause root rotten. Wait until the flowers and leaves are slightly wilted before watering. Watering can be done by soaking in the bottom of the basin. Do not pour too much water on the leaves.

Ventilation: Cyclamen likes to be ventilated, soot and dirty air will make the petals dry and wither, but they can't be placed directly at the air outlet. Temperature: The room temperature above 5℃ can make the cyclamen grow normally. The room temperature is partial.When it is low, cyclamen can maintain a longer flowering period, but the flowering is slow; when the room temperature is high, the flowering is fast, but the flowering period is short.

Humidity: Humidity should be maintained at 60%-70%. Too little humidity will make the flowers smaller, and too much humidity will cause gray mold and other fungal diseases on petals and leaves. It is strictly forbidden to spray water on the petals, otherwise it will cause the petalsrot.

Fertilizer: Apply fertilizer twice a month. Imported or domestic compound fertilizer can be used. Apply 5-8 grains each time, placed 2 cm deep in the substrate.

5. Why are the leaves of cyclamen flower yellow and dry

Cyclamen is also yellow and dry, mainly due to poor air permeability of the basin soil and excessive dryness of the basin soil. The soil with better air permeability can be changed at a temperature of 15-25 degrees, and the water should be supplied from the bottom.The pot soil can be watered only when it is dry, and the water temperature is close to room temperature.

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