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Is it one-time use of Hippeastrum bulbs? No, it can breed bulbs every year

2019-11-28 23:06 Source: flower-fans Author: Wang smiled

It is estimated that many flower friends saw what others saidHyacinthIt can only be planted for one year, so I ask if Zhu Dinghong's bulbs are one-time? Zhu Dinghong costs 20-30 yuan per bulb. If it is a one-time use, it will be too bad. Here can tell the flower friends that Zhu Dinghong can be used in ChinaPlanted for many years, and it can bloom every year!

Hiptera is different from hyacinths, these exotic bulbous plants, except for hyacinths and tulips, most flower lovers choose to plant them for one year, others are like daffodils and vermillionGrapesHyacinths can be planted for many years, and if they are planted properly, they will have better re-flowering in the second year!ReproductionThe balls can continue to bloom after they grow up!

Hyacinths and tulips are not meant to be planted for one year, but the effect of re-flowering in the second year is worse, and the price is not expensive, so many florists buy new bulbs every year.The multi-flowering effect can also be planted for many years, but the small bulbs like hyacinth propagation are basically hopeless in China, but the original bulbs can still continue to bloom.

For Zhu Dinghong, flower friends should remember that the depth of the ball is learned. There is a saying that the flower is buried shallowly, and the ball is buried deeply. The flower friend can be reasonable according to his own conditionArrange the planting depth!

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