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Is it easy to re-flower colored calla lily experience

2019-06-08 23:09 Source: flower-fans Author: Edit Original
I saw a flower friend asking if it is easy to re-flower colored calla lily. After all, a colored horse root costs about 30 yuan. If it can’t be re-flowered, it’s not cost-effective. Fortunately, colored calla lilies can be re-flowered, butThe difficulty of re-flowering is not easy, and it is still a bit more difficult than lily. If the difficulty is divided into level 10, the difficulty of re-flowering of colored calla lily is above level 4, which is generally worth raising.
Colored calla lily Araceae Zantedeschia perennial bulbousFlowersGenerally, a flowerpot with a diameter of 25 cm can be planted with 3 balls, which looks good. The difficulty of planting calla lily is mainly afraid of heat and cold. The best growth temperature is about 20℃, if the temperature reaches 0 in winterBelow ℃, there is a danger of freezing to death, so generally the northern part of the country spends the winter indoors.
And it will go to sleep when the summer is high temperature. When it is found that the new leaves of the colored calla lily are not too long, and the old leaves start to become a little yellow, this is the colored calla lily is dormant. At this time, slowly start to reduce the waterAfter the leaves are naturally dead, and when the soil in the pot is completely dry, dig out the bulbs from the pot. If possible, you can soak them in antibacterial water and then dry them, just like a vegetable farm.Same as potatoes, dried and stored.
You can dry the seed bulbs, wrap them in newspaper, put them in a cardboard box and put them in the freezer of the refrigerator, as long as the temperature is maintained at 7-9 degrees. In this case, just put them awayAfter two months, you can take out the bulbs from the refrigerator and leave them at the natural indoor temperature for a few days to let the bulbs naturally release their dormancy, and then they can be planted again. The most assured way is to wait for the bulbs' eyes to come out and plant again.After 60 days, you can see the flowers again.
Finally, generally speaking, we can plant colored calla lilies for about 4 years. This is in terms of flowering properties. If you do not care about flowering properties, you can continue to raise them.
Edit: flower-fans
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