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How to deal with lily after blooming

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Many flower lovers bloom in the first year when they plant lilies, but don’t know how to deal with them after they bloom. Here are some methods reprinted and organized by the editor. Using this method, they will open more and more balls.Getting bigger and bigger.

1. After the flower fades, cut off the remaining flowers and leave 20~30cm above the ground. Some people use too much water and the leaves under the lily fall out, so the above ground will stay longer, leaving a few leaves, and don’t trim it to be bare.Pole.

2. Reduce watering.

3. Normal fertilization. For a lot of flowers of 1:1000 or once a week, other compound fertilizers should be used once a month. Control the concentration by yourself and do not burn the flowers. It is not recommended to make organic fertilizer by yourself, because the concentration is too high.Difficult to control, unless you are a master.

4. Usually you can ignore it, don’t dig it out.

5. Winter is coming, and the above ground begins to wither and yellow. Stop watering and fertilizing at this time. Do not dig it out. 6. Occasionally look at it and think that the pot soil is too dry, so make up some water until the long winterEnd. 7. Around March 10 because the country is too large, the date is not accurate, it should be around 15 degrees during the day, pour out the soil in the lily pot together with the lily, and replace with new disinfected soilIn the new soil, you can mix 5g/pot of Aolv No. 5, and replant the lily. If there are too many roots, you can prune and water thoroughly. Generally, it will re-germinate in about 15 days. I won’t say much about the planting management afterwards.:

This is the easiest way to deal with the family, once a year, as long as it is not a killer, 100% multiple flowers, if you want to bloom 3 stubble a year, do not do this.

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