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How to grow daffodils main points of daily maintenance

2019-11-05 08:10 Source: flower-fans Author: Wang smiled
Every winter, many flower lovers will keep a pot of daffodils in their homes. The daffodils seem simple, but there are many doors and roads inside, so this article, so let’s summarize what we need to pay attention to in daily maintenance of daffodilsproblem.


It has been cultivated for more than a thousand years in China, and it is a traditional viewFlowersIt is one of the ten famous flowers in China.

When raising daffodils, you must remember that the ambient temperature should not be too high. The higher the temperature, the faster it will grow, the faster the blossoms will be, and the fading will be faster. The cold environment will not only make the daffodil compact, but alsoProlong the flowering period.


When does the daffodil bloom


The approximate flowering time is the interval from mid-December of that year to the end of February of the year. The flowering time of daffodils can be controlled artificially. When the temperature of the maintenance environment is high, the flowering will be earlier. If the temperature is lower,The flowering time will be delayed, so flower friends can appropriately control the flowering time based on this.


Why do daffodils need to be carved


Daffodils do not have to be carved, so florists can decide whether to carve according to their needs. The purpose of daffodil carving is to shape. Simply put, the shape of daffodils can achieve the effect we think of through human intervention As shown below.

In addition, the daffodils that are not cut into the ball are the same length and bloom, but the time of the main bud and the small bud rushing out of the bulb is different, which may cause the flower branches to be irregular in length. The whole pot flower is not very good. After cutting the ball, it can make smallThe buds are easier to rush out and can basically maintain the same height as the main bud of the mother core.


Can narcissus leaves be eaten


Some flower friends often joke that daffodils are packed with chives meaning that they don’t bloom. Someone really asks if daffodil leaves can be eaten. It is very responsible here to say that the leaves of daffodils cannot be eaten because daffodils contain many kinds of organisms.Alkali is the most in corms. Although the content of stems and leaves is small, there are also some. It is said that animals will have cramps, dilated pupils, diarrhea, etc., and people will definitely be poisoned if they eat it.

What to do if the daffodil is thanked

The rate of daffodil compounding is not very high mainly due to the environmental needs of daffodils. In addition, some flower lovers choose to plant daffodils after they die. It is said that the compounding rate of daffodils will not be ruled out in about three years.Some flower friends are well maintained for the possibility of re-flowering in the second year.

Because daffodils are not expensive, they usually buy new ones in the same year!

Can the daffodils be cut off if they fall down

The ambient temperature is too high, making the daffodils appear excessively long. Even if the daffodils fall down, we can’t easily cut them off. The number of daffodils is limited and cannot continue to emerge. In theory, it emerges.Here are some flowers and arrows, this was confirmed in the last year. So the flowers and arrows cannot be cut!

The narcissus leaves are down before they bloom. Can they be cut off? If only the leaves are cut, it is okay, but be careful not to cut the flowers and arrows, try to keep them higher.

Even if the daffodil falls, it still has a connection. If we don’t cut it, we can tie the daffodil with a rope to prevent it from falling again.

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