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What kind of fertilizer is applied by Hippeastrum to increase the size of the ball deep burial + potassium fertilizer

2020-09-09 05:15 Source: flower-fans Author: Edit Original

Flower friends always hope that the bigger the bulb is, the better the bulb is. So what kind of fertilizer does Hippeastrum apply to make the bulb bigger? Very simple, potassium-based fertilizer is fine, if not, as long as the fertilizer contains potassiumYes, there is no need to deliberately pursue potash fertilizer.

In addition, there is a saying about Zhu Dinghong's ball raising, deep burying of the ball, shallow burying of the flower, probably means that if you want to raise the ball to make the ball bigger as soon as possible, don't plant it too shallow, at least cover 4 cm of soilAbove, if you want Hippeastrum to bloom earlier, regardless of the problem of the ball, you can put one-third of the sphere of Hippeastrum on the soil layer to make it easier to bloom.

Regarding the choice of growing and flowering, the editor’s suggestion is that if it is already an adult ball, there is no need to deliberately increase the bulb, just maintain it normally!

If it is Hippeastrum red ball, one of us will be buried and maintained, and the other will be given potassium-based fertilizer at ordinary times. With sufficient light, the bulb will grow quickly!

Edit: flower-fans
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