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How to Seed Drosera at Cape of Good Hope

2014-11-22 18:33 Source: http: //www.flower-fans.com Author: tulipa

Cape Drosera is also called Cape Drosera. It is a carnivorous plant that grows in South Africa. Cape Drosera is an all-red individual. Under sufficient sunlight, the whole plant will appear red. Many flower lovers trySowing the Cape Drosera by yourself, the following is the experience of flower friends.

Step 1: Prepare sphagnum moss and purified water, soak the sphagnum thoroughly:

1. Sphagnum moss: I personally feel that the sphagnum moss is better to use, and I buy it from the flower marketOrchidAlthough the sphagnum moss is cheap, it does not feel very good, but the Chilean sphagnum moss is used up, use this as a demonstration, and the follow-up effect will be updated in time.

2. Water: Again, the water must be soft water, including: pure water, RO water reverse osmosis water, air conditioning condensate, rain water, southern river water, southern tap water, depending on the situation, it is not guaranteed to work, cool boiled waterNo. One more thing, don’t think expensive bottled water is suitable. Mineral water and mineral water are absolutely indispensable. If you go to the supermarket to buy bottled water, you must buy water that is marked as pure and does not contain any additives.Including all kinds of minerals that are beneficial to the human body are poisons for carnivorous plants. I personally have a simplified version of RO water purifier for carnivorous insects. It only passes through a column of RO membrane and is not suitable for drinking., Too sour, but feeding insects and fish can be.

Step 2: Prepare a small cup, which should be impervious to moisture, and stuff the sphagnum moss into it.

Step 3: Continue to add pure water until the water surface is level with the upper edge of the sphagnum moss.

Step 4: Sowing seeds, sprinkle the seeds evenly on the surface.

Step 5: Cover the plastic film or not. The temperature here is okay, it is not boring, and then it is placed in a half-sun or bright place. It is best to be exposed to the sun for 1-2 hours without too much, But it's better not to have it.

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