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Flower arrangement and room lighting

2013-05-11 08:07 Source: http: //www.flower-fans.com Author: Wang Fei

Different lighting methods in different rooms will bring us different psychological feelings. This is caused by a series of changes in the feelings and emotions brought to us by the integration of light and shadow and room color. It often directly affects usThe arrangement of the flower arrangement in the room must achieve a certain artistic effect, and it is also restricted by this change of light and shadow without exception. If you want the flower arrangement to better express its own artistic conception and connotation,It must be properly integrated with light and shadow to produce a complementary effect.

Under different lighting methods, flowers will show different styles. Generally speaking, the light from above will make things in front of us appear clear, but it will also give them a certain dull feeling. For flower arrangement worksSame thing.

And the side light will make the flower arrangement work appear compact and dense, and in the whole flower arrangement work, different light and dark contrasts will be formed due to the different lighting angles. If the light is completely irradiated from the bottom of the work, it will make the flower arrangement work show a uniformThis kind of floating and mysterious feeling beyond people's imagination, but to a certain extent it will inhibit the viewing of the fine structure of flowers to a certain extent.

In addition, after a certain point in a flower arrangement is illuminated by spotlight, its color will be emphasized to highlight its subtleties. Of course, if it is not handled properly, the overall effect will also be destroyed. If the light source comes from the back of the flower, such asThe flower arrangement is placed in front of the bright glass window, the outline of the flower is prominent, and its color and subtlety disappear. It forms an artistic effect similar to a silhouette.

The above are mainly about the use of different angles of lighting. When using flower arrangements to decorate the room, consider the effect of each situation. Especially in the night time conditions, use flower arrangements to decorate the roomAttention should be paid to the effect produced by the use of light.

Most of the flower arrangements will show different artistic effects in appearance and color under soft and pervasive light and strong side light.

And it will produce a more vivid and unique charm under the spotlight. Especially when the magnified flower arrangement is placed in a larger space, the application of the spotlight will make the work more prominent and dazzling.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the use of candlelight. Although candlelight is very romantic, it does not have much effect on flower arrangements. Because candlelight is yellow, it will change the color of flowers and weaken the concentration of colors.And freshness, so the subtleties and contours of many flower arrangements will disappear. Therefore, it is best to choose pure white or milky white under candlelight, and sometimes bright yellow flower arrangements can be used because these colors can be used inThe brilliance remains in the dark. In addition, you can also choose more fragrant flowers to offset the visual defects caused by the dim light.

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