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How to keep the flowers fresh in the flower arrangement

2013-05-11 08:07 Source: http: //www.flower-fans.com Author: Wang Fei

For flower arrangement works, it is important to ensure a good display environment, but regular maintenance and management must not be ignored. The indoor air is humid, which helps keep the flowers fresh. Without a humidifier,Every 1-2 days in summer and 2-3 days in autumn and winter, it is important to spray water on the flowers and change the water in the container. When changing the water, without affecting and destroying the shape,Cut off the base of the flower branch by 2-3 cm, and replace the incision again, which will help the flowers absorb water. Of course, if you add a preservative to the water or spray a preservation solution on the flowers, the effect will be better.

How deep is the water in the container of the flower arrangement?

The water in the container is mainly used for the absorption of flower materials. Therefore, the water quality should be clean, the water depth should be immersed above the incision, and the water surface should have the largest contact surface with air. The water depth of the dish container should be the height of the flower insertIt is appropriate to ensure that the cut of the flower material can absorb water in time. The water depth of the bottle container should be at the widest part of the bottle body, because the contact surface between the water surface and the air is the largest here, which is conducive to ventilation, facilitates the smooth breathing of the flower material, and reduces bacteriaInfection, relatively prolong the life of flowers.

How to extend the life of cut flowers?

[1] Precautions for the preservation of general cut flowers

1. Cut obliquely with a sharp knife and cut off the end of the stem about 2 cm to make the cut smooth and increase the water absorption area.

2‧ The wood can be cut off the end skin or cut into a cross cut. If it is too thick, the end can be broken to increase the water absorption area.

3. Use clean water and vases.

4. Use warm water when starting the treatment.

5‧ Add preservative.

6‧ Removal of branches and leaves under the liquid surface.

7. If the flowers are withering, they can be wrapped in wet newspaper for 2-3 hours.

8‧ Avoid high temperature and dryness in the place where flowers are placed, especially in direct sunlight.

9‧ Avoid placing flowers with apples, pineapples, bananas and other fruits.

[2] Water treatment method:

1. Soaking method:

Some flowers are easy to wilt due to high temperature. Soak their stems and leaves in water to increase the water absorption area.

2‧ Water injection method:

Some pedicels are hollow and easy to lose water. You can pour water into the stalk with a water gun or syringe, and then plug it with cotton to extend the flowering period.

3. Backwater method:

Take the flowers upside down and water them in reverse with a watering can. The water flows backwards into the flower stems and through the stems and leaves to increase the water absorption area.

【三】Chemical treatment method:

1. Applying items such as salt, alcohol, alum, mint, oil, etc. to the incision can inhibit the growth of bacteria and prolong the life of the flowers.

2. Adding acetic acid, citric acid or bleach to the water can inhibit the growth of bacteria, but the concentration should not be too high.

【四】Heat treatment method:

1. Hot water method:

Wrap the flowers in newspaper, soak the stem ends in hot water for about 30 seconds, which can kill some bacteria and prolong the flowering period.

2. Burning method:

Some flowers will secrete mucus and block the incision, causing poor water absorption. You can burn the incision until the incision becomes black and will not secrete mucus.

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