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Theme of flower arrangement creation

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The theme is the central idea to be expressed in the work of art, and it is also the embodiment of the artistic beauty and spiritual beauty contained in the work of art. It is the soul of artistic trauma. Contemporary aesthetician Zong Baihua said: "The decorativeness of art is part of the beauty of art., But art must not only meet the requirements of beauty, but also the requirements of ideology." The requirement to meet the ideological requirements mentioned here actually refers to the spiritual beauty embodied in the theme of the artistic work. This kind of beauty can leave people behind.The inexhaustible aftertaste and reverie make people get enlightenment, encouragement or spur. Therefore, any artistic creation must have both formal beauty and spiritual beauty. Without a theme, there is no spiritual beauty.

Oriental flower arranging art, especially Chinese classical flower arranging art, is rich in connotation, changeable, and has a unique style and charm. And this connotative beauty is expressed through images. It is not simply the role of modeling, but inForm contains rich thoughts and feelings, which is a creative method that expresses spirit, form and spirit, and blends scenes. This is also the fine tradition of Chinese culture and art, which is worthy of our inheritance and development.

The theme of the flower arrangement work is determined according to the purpose and requirements of the trauma. Generally, the scope of the establishment of the theme idea has the following three aspects:

1 Created for various festive, ceremonial and social activities. For example, to celebrate various festivals, birthdays, weddings, celebrations, as well as welcome and send, banquets, etc. The theme of such works is relatively simple and clear, Is mainly based on the meaning of celebration, welcome, blessing, unity, friendship, expectation, etc. There are also various expressions, but it is appropriate to show a warm and unrestrained, happy and cheerful atmosphere.

2 Created to decorate and beautify the environment. For example, works placed in hotels, restaurants, meeting rooms, living rooms, studies, bedrooms, etc., because their main function is to beautify the environment, they emphasize the decoration andThe coordination of the environment, and the performance of the theme is more casual and simple. The author can freely create creation according to the nature and momentum of different environments. For example, the flower arrangement in the hotel is mostly based on the theme of warm and thoughtful service, expressing the atmosphere of being at home; And the flower arrangement in the study can be conceived around the meaning of reading, writing, striving, gaining, and Peng Wanli.

3 Created for artistic expression and appreciation. The theme of this kind of work is very broad and free, and it is entirely up to the author to express his emotions and willingness to express his will, or borrow things to express his wishes, or send affection to flowers and trees, and is not restricted by environmental conditions.Extremely rich.

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