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Will wood sorrel topping affect flowering

2019-10-24 08:54 Source: flower-fans Author: Wang smiled

Many kindsWood sorrelAll of my flower friends have doubts, yesWood sorrelCan it be topped and topped? Will wood sorrel topping affect flowering? This question depends on the specific species. Some varieties of wood sorrel can be topped and topped, such as long-haired wood sorrel, tall wood sorrelGrass. The side effect of topping and topping is that the flowering period will be delayed. For this, flower friends must be psychologically prepared.

Under normal circumstances, wood sorrel does not need to be topped. This is different from cosmos and other flowers that require us to top the height and promote more flowering of branches. If it is too long, it can be compensated by means of covering with soil.Topping is not done by topping. Like a tall wood sorrel, if it is topped, new shoots will usually be produced in about a week, and the shoots can continue to be cut and the survival rate is average, but interested flower lovers can try it.

This picture is a tall tree topped by flower friends, we can see that two new branches have been posted

Tall vine: early flowering vine. The plant is shaped like a small tree, nicknamed Tall; the flower is orange, also known as Tall Orange. Flowering early, a small amount of flowers, thick color, long flowering period, known as the flowering machine. Sometimes large ballsFlowers first and then leaves grow.

Long-haired hair: suitable for close planting. Pinching varieties, the picked branches can be cutted, and the young seedlings cut to survive will only have a few balls on the soil. It is worth mentioning that the leaves will become beautiful before the long hair is dormantThe yellow color is a scene of its own in early summer.

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