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The glory of pink white peach and the glory of double peach

2019-10-24 09:15 Source: flower-fans Author: Li Mu

The oxalisglabrapinkywhite plant is compact and short, suitable for close planting. The flowers are pink and white at low temperatures and very beautiful; they are pure white at high temperatures.

Oxalis glabra'Double Pink Form', the price was relatively expensive when it came out a few years ago, and the price is now acceptable.

The bulbs will sprout on their own in autumn, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai generally start to sprout from September early flowering varieties such as flatbread, star, first love may sprout in July, and Brazilian vines will not wake up until November, Novices suggest to plant after germination. There will be white fibrous roots sticking out at both ends of the bulb during germination, so you don’t have to deliberately distinguish which is the bud and which is the root. You can plant it horizontally when you plant it of course if you separate it outThe bud is on the top and the root is on the bottom.

Mixed soil: Anodized soil requires loose and breathable, peat + perlite + vermiculite, you can add some rice husk charcoal or plant ash and slow-release fertilizer, after germination after planting long leaves, you can give some water-soluble fertilizer, thin fertilizerDiligent.

Using a pot: Generally, a large ball will give at least as much space as the 7*7 small black square. I prefer dense planting. I will put about 5 balls in a 10cm pot.

Sunlight: Sunshine hard after the leaves are displayed

Watering: see dry and see wet

Receiving the ball: Generally, in April and May, the flowers will stop blooming and the growth of new leaves, and the old leaves will start to turn yellow and withered. Please stop watering at this time and wait until the leaves are almost yellow before you can pilling.

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